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Gauging interest, cnc'd enertion caliber mount clones


Yeah, nah, just for a local company :slight_smile:


@Eretron Here you go



Will this fit 50xx motors?

Sry if it was already asked or answered…


@Eretron yes



@Jebe count me in for 1 peice if I am not too late.


another teaser. tomorrow we will be doing the motor plate, in Ally for better heat transfer, then I will be stress testing.

will fit the racestar motors same mount design as the enertion mounts.

am looking at annodizing next week. most likely plain black.


Will the motor plate be long enough to accommodate 63XX motors with 107mm wheels? The motor and wheel will touch if centre distance is 85mm. I’d need a bit of clearance between them, too. 95mm centre distance or so. Do you have an idea on what yours are?

EDIT: Yep! I definitely didn’t remember that motors are on the opposite side.


am not understanding mate. motor and wheels are on opposite sides of the mount. belt sizes and various gearing options will allow 63xx motors with 107s.


He must mean motor pully wil hit well with 107mm


@Jebe hey mate…I would like to get a set also…

Best wishes for Mark and a speedy recovery :pray: