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Future Gadget #204 2nd Edition Ver 2.34 // Trampa MTB // Fatboy Direct Drive 5:1 // eBoosted Double Stack Trampa enlosure // Fatboy Focbox enclosure + Dual Focbox // Sk8 192kv motors // 12s7p 30q


I love the name you gave the build :wink:


+1 me too :slight_smile:


And how does it affect the flex? Looks proper awesome and so close to what I’ve been envisioning

Any changes you’d do if you had the opportunity?



Maybe swap out the motors for something more efficient. I was hoping to get at least 50 miles.

Use the dual escape instead of the dual focbox so I can push more amps. The escape has beefier hardware. They both come with the evolve style heat sink but my escape came in way too late.

Get precision hubs like the 3dservisas one or the six shooters. Trampa hubs wobble like a corgi butt.

Get non ratchet bindings. It’s easy to push in and mess up your bindings tightness when you lean the board against a wall.

Instead of passing through the wires of the actual focbox, just use extensions so I can take the focboxes out of the enclosure without having to redoing the shrink wrap on the bullet connectors. Granted I don’t really need to remove my focboxes that frequently.

Forgo the whole PCB thing and just use one wide nickel strip to weld together the 8p packs. Again makes things easier.

Do charge only from the start.

Go 13s :wink:


this should be a sticky. well said.


Are different motors really very different efficiency wise? I have torque boards and just bought a set of sk8


How come? Seems like it would be ideal for waterproofing and security

What do you think of the upcoming Unity? A possibility or would it be better off going to VESC 6.6 dual or ESCape Dual?


I thought the same about the waterproofing thing but ultimately that many inserts is too excessive. 8 per side is plenty sufficient.

I haven’t been following the unity development that much so I don’t know what to expect from it, but just on hardware alone I would have gone with the escapes over the focboxes if I had the chance.


dam i love this build, its very similar to the one im building actually. though i would love to know where you got those Grommets from. they would make a nice clean addition to my builds.


Ask @Kug3lis, I just used the ones that came with his top mounted dual focbox case that I planned to use before making the switch to bottom mount.


The Sk8’s are fairly power hungry as mentioned by the previous owner of the ones I’m using currently. And with my 25wh/mi power usage I can agree. I have no experience with other motors of the same size (6374) but I’d like to believe that the smaller motors consume less energy than the bigger ones. They may not be as powerful, but I’m starting to think that I’d trade range for power.


Can I know how much of the clearance left from the ground to the deck? (Take the lowest point)


I wish I can measure for you but I left the US for a 1 month vacation so I won’t get you that info until after January. To give you an idea though it’s a few mm lower than the hangar. So if you have an emtb already and your hangar gets dinged up from the road pretty bad maybe a double stack is too low for you. For me though it’s been fine.


Much impressed, great build!

@neiru37 Yeah clearance, that would be also an interesting thing for me :).

I’m just preparing a very similar build, a double stacked enclosure from @eboosted is already on my house.
However, this would be my first trampa eboard so I’m wondering about choosing a correct layers number. Could you suggest something ? I thought about 17ply because I don’t want to damage an enclosure during flex. I weight ~80kg


Do you think If I did a build similar to yours but used 5" 125mm gummies, that I would have enough clearance under the board?


Nah that’s too low of a clearance. I’d say do 7in and above.