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Fundraising for Derek (BigBoyToys) - in ICU at the moment after an accident


Wow, this is very sad news.
roll forever Derek.


I’m newer here and don’t post a lot, mostly read and this is crazy. He was very active in this community and couldn’t believe this. RIP. :sparkles:


:frowning: RIP Derek. Thoughts are with you and the family.


Wow, so sad, such a loss
RIP Derek


Shocked and lost for words, RIP Derek.


please read.


Closing both threads until we have better information and approval from Derek’s family. Thank you everyone for the support. All love.




Friends, it is with a sad heart that I am writing to share this update. We received confirmation that Derek passed away as a result of his injuries.

We will keep these threads closed for now, until have approval of the family to disclose additional detail.

Please keep his family in your thoughts, and rest on each other for support in this difficult time.

Above all, celebrate the wonderful person that Derek was, and bring with you the best of his good energy into all that you do.





Thanks to @MoeStooge @psychotiller and @okp we now have a way to contribute to Derek’s family in a meaningful way. Please use the link that @okp created and the funds will be given to the family to show our community’s support for them.

If Derek ever helped you, shared advice, or shared your passion for riding, please consider sending some support to his family during their difficult time.


It’s great to see all the supporters! Thanks everyone for your generosity.

All, it’s not too late to send support to Derek’s family. You can send a small amount, the gesture means a lot to the family.


Yuup. What ever you can toss in the helmet is appreciated.


FYI the information posted by JESS was completely false and very offensive. I dont even know who she is? My son passed away suddenly and unexpectedly after an eskate accident.We are devastated! At 9am on December 29th he was doing well and the Drs expected that he would be transferred to Kaiser within a few days and most likely recovered in 8 weeks,per their report that morning. Later,There was a sudden change which was due to a medical error which resulted in his death. We are comforted by the kind and loving remarks on this forum as well as your desire to raise funds in his memory.


Hi @vmaseuli, my condolences, but due to do previous incident with the unknown person, I see you just joined, is there anybody here that can verify who you are?



I believe Erik Lee, my son’s best friend is on the forum several others of his friends too.


Thank you for your kind words and the update Mrs. Maseuli. I think about Derek every time I skate and remember him. It makes me glad to have known him. He was a fine person.


Every time I think about this, I tear up a little. Derek was one of those guys that, when you met him you felt like you knew him since you were a kid. Can we stillcontribute to the fund or is it closed?