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Full Face Helmets


That’s not full face but is fun. Is called bad lieutenant. With integrated headphones, under 100 bucks from Giro.
Ready for sunny riding¡!


I just wear long sleeves and pants, and thin cotton gloves, a half face helmet, and good eye protection. Even some thin cotton on the elbows and knees is pretty good. I like to be as least obstructed as possible with feeling the remote and hearing and seeing. I only ever do 30 max.


Would you guys post a picture of someone wearing thre Demon Podium without the goggles?


@barajabali may the force be with you.



…is a Huawei. Wish it has more memory than my old one.


…the Bell Super 3R MIPS is a more complete helmet. It comes with the new Flow Fit system, removable chin bar and breakaway camera mount.


Trying to look for a helmet with a visor thats under 150, no luck :slightly_frowning_face:
Have a bell sanction but rogerbros won’t reply to my email for the damn visor


i’ve got one :rofl:


I’m not hot glueing a visor on my sanction


it looks pretty sick :woman_shrugging:


@Cloud_Gnash In a nice sunny day, how does it work/look, if you remove the goggles? Is it still a complete look. Or does it all only really come together with the goggles on? Best regards Michael, Copenhagen


I really only use my Ruroc for snowboarding anymore, the full face clip on is even a bit much for that sometimes. I love it for winter, but think it’s a little much for esk8 in the summer


What certifications does the Bell Super 3R have?


Don’t know. Gotta check their web site.


As the kids say, I found this on the world wide web.



Thanks. That’s the same cert as the Demon Podium I have. I was hoping for something downhill certified which is more stringent.