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Full Face Helmets


What kind of helmet is that? Awesome


Its the latest line of Ruroc helmets, with a dark chrome finish. Mainly geared towards the snowboarding market


Been planning on buying a TSG Pass, but I’m really diggin’ the look of these Rurocs! What’s the range of visability like on these things? Any blockage from the nose or peripherals?


Throw a set of ski goggles on…thats the visibility. Definitely more limiting than a half dome and some sun glasses, which ill be sporting some of the time



Thanks for getting back. Always had a hard time with ski goggles. Went ahead with the TSG pass. Nice helmet. Very little blockage. Kinda bulky though. I too will probably just rock the half done and sun glasses most of the time.


im picking this guy up for the winter https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IWEA1IQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1QAFHETXP9PSU


I got a demon podium too. It’s awesome. Still can’t bring myself to get me a tsg pass. But definitely need one with visor for winter. Even with the demon podium my face still get cold.


It vents well. My mornings have been dropping below 40 Fahrenheit and it gets a bit chilly. I really like it though


I have to say that I’ve had great experience so far with the TSG Pass (besides their packing for shipping). I had my first fall since buying it about a month ago. Head snapped back due to me accelerating too quickly on slippery roads out of a turn. I could hear the helmet hit but my head didn’t feel anything. Between the long sleeves and gloves and the helmet, I nearly had any damage to show for what could have been a bad fall.


Speaking of Demon, check out the Demon body armor that I wear. It makes the helmet not look as big. Thanks to the shoulder pads =)

And yes, that is my phone, 7 inch screen haha. Makes the helmet not look as big as well =p


OMG it is an iPad


I like it. Thanks @Mobutusan for the referral

I will be removing the visor tho. Too much for me


That looks dope! I like the white and the matching goggles. I would adjust the visor up higher if it bothers you cause I think the helmet looks a little funny without it, but that’s just me. I’d also suggest finding the BE Link Bluetooth speakers if you’re into groovin’ while you’re moovin’.


Yea i have an XL head and they didnt have the black in XL so i went with white. im not mad at it.

thanks for the tip! im gonna look for it


Jesus’s mate, where the hell do you even keep that thing on a day to day basis. No way that fits in your pocket. What phone is that


Sorry about the off topic picture but I want to show @juniorpotato93 the size of this phone, it may be large but it is very thin. Here it is next to an iPhone 6plus (its about the same thickness, the iphone is in a pretty thick heavy duty case. And yes, I put it in my pocket all the time lol.


Dude you must have like Marry Poppins pants. That things impressive


Any recommendations on CERTIFIED (not full face, regular half face) helmets?


Awesome post @hummie. So then a normal skateboard helmet, knee/elbow pads, and slide gloves will suffice if you know how to fall? How about a slide puck on the non-remote control hand?


I have a dh6 which I really like, but I have had some issues with it fogging up or worse, my glasses fogging up, so I never have it shut all the way. It breathes well, it just always seems to fog up.