EggsTravaGanZa 4-Day Sale progress [OFFERS ONLY]


I can definitely take that enclosure off your hands…


That is super generous I would take the enclosure but I will let someone who needs it have the shot


Looks like @Bobby got dibs. Will PM.
EDIT: @AndyL got the deck. Thanks for letting the needy have it @Bobby and @briman05

DECK still available


Deck is mine!


Confirmed @pixelsilva got the deck, thank you for clearing out some shelf space boys


Free gt2b receiver mounting case. Only the Red Mount! Just pay shipping. from germany.


Free 30’ deck Just pay shipping which I think is about $20.


3d printed Shredlights mounts. I can print however many I want. Don’t know what shipping is, but it’s probably not more than $3-5


I made a mistake in cad and designed these guys for 12mm belt not 15, so can’t use them. You can take them for free. These go on TB mounts

Could be used a setup like this or just as a pulley cover.


Happy to give this away, its slightly warped (bananas to the right a tad) yet its probs good for someone with wood/fiberglass skills, other than the warp its solid, i gave up on the job as i dont have the time or proper tools to custom/fix it.

I’m in the UK will send anywhere as long as you pay post, i think its best if i pick, out of whos interested (if any) rather than the first to respond as it needs work and craftsmen get dibs


I ordered this a million years ago and misplaced it, no use for it… So freebie for somebody. It should only cost $4 to ship in the US. 1st come 1st served.


What’s the specs?


If the axle to axle is 3.875’ to 4.375’ I’ll take it


I’m not sure what your wanting to know, I don’t have a doc sheet in it. Does this help?


thats the sprocket kit from bangood
maybe there you can find some more info


I was assuming he wanted a tooth count from each side LoLz


Yeah was after a tooth count, but tbh, that probably means I don’t know enough at the time to be someone it should go to haha.

Looks like this tho


The chain is short but I need the sprockets and the ratio is perfect for what I need so I’ll take it


what’s the top speed?


Check here