Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD progress [OFFERS ONLY]


I’ve talked about it, just low on time. It’s essentially a benchwheel style case to transplant the mini guts into with a USB chsrgeing board and a tiny lipo.

Not too difficult, just need a new PEI sheet for my printer so I can do test runs. But it may be after Christmas before it gets here.


i love the benchwheel. feels so damn good…


Me too, was my favorite before the hiyt puck. That being said 2 of my 3 Bencheheels have died in the last month. They were 3 years old, so I shouldn’t complain.


ya a mod liek that would be epiccccc


I’ve got one , but i haven’t tried it yet.
Still got the mini


not gonna lie, still using winning, my first remote dont want to think about how old it is or how many times ive dropped :no_mouth: i had issues binding with the benchweel but it feel so much better, once u figure it out…


I’ve had 2, 1 was great and the other tried to kill me daily. So I got rid of both. I mostly just use the mini on cruisers, for fast boards I really like thumb controls.

That’s why I like they pick so much. It’s the perfect shape with a really responsive thumb throttle.


Im not even sure mine will work.
Got the remote and receiver separately.
I’ve heard of people having issues pairing with ones not sold together.


Benchwheel? I’ve never tried, all mine shipped together.


Yeah. I’ve seen it in a few threads.
Some get lucky and it works.
Others not so much.


‎ this


Similar but with a 3d printed shell.


Dibs! Are they 12mm bore?


Hey guys, this thread may be dead and this is a total shot in the dark. Im trying to build a diy board but financially its not working out. If anyone has any spare parts at all, ill pay shipping for them if you want to get rid of them or if you’re willing to discount them quite a bit. I understand this is kinda lame for someone to do but who knows maybe someone will have some parts they don’t want and I can make a deal with them. Thanks guys!


This thread is for offers only, requests go into the sister thread. Folks won’t be able to help you as easily if you don’t fill out the country on your profile.


Makes sense. Thanks for the help!


Still up for grabs


All gone! And you’ll never know what it.was =P


Make a list on what you need and post it on request thread. Not here. And most of the time it’s to ask for small items not whole skateboaed built.


I have a BigBen enclosure and small deck to sell for a very low price. I’m not sure how much shipping is but I assume it’s around $20 usps priority with tracking.

So $20 for the enclosure. $16 for the deck, if it’s shipping is more, I’ll cover it. If it’s less…thank you for your donation.

I got the enclosure from Ben last year for secret Santa, originally it was for my 12s3p double stack which fit perfectly with plenty of room. Then the Hummie deck was available and I’m addicted to using that so this has been sitting here brand new.

The deck is from my first mistake of buying a cheap eboard. It has a nice W concave and is actually pretty comfortable. But too small for any builds I would have these days