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Free Eskate Stickers


This is hilarious!! :grin::joy: It’s real! @b264

Thanks a lot for the stickers @Mich21050 !!


Your welcome. Glad that you like them :smile:


Those are great.
Okay i want stickers. Got my new address.


Just send me a pm @Skunk :smile:


This is fantastic :smiley:


What i do with stickers.

Secret Santa 2018 WORLDWIDE-CLOSED, Awaiting gifts :D

Just got em , so awesome
Thank you!!


Got mine as well. Thank You !!


Thanks dude mine just arrived after having our national post on strike for a week!


dang these are really cool! let me know once you get some built not bought stickers and ill be happy to get a few!


Thanks man


Just got mine this weekend! Thanks man!!


wait a second… THAT actually IS a direct drive!!


Really glad that you guys like the stickers :smiley:

Did you receive your stickers?

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@mmaner I just realised that I didn’t make the vote public. Could you please change that :smile:


It looks public to me, at least I see it.


I cant see who voted


Sorry, as @Acido mentioned I don’t see who voted :smile:
Edit: @mmaner If I try to edit it says that I don’t have permission to do that and that I need to contact a moderrator.


It won’t let me edit it either. I would delete it and start over I guess.


Ok, thank you anyway. Then it’s anonymous I guess :smile: