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For Sale : TESLA 18650 Cells (Panasonic)



Hey Guys,

I have another 30-50 cells available if anyone is interested. The cells come bare or i can leave the wrapping on for you if you like. These cells are 10A cont discharge and are A grade cells used by Tesla who is claiming they last several hundred thousand miles on their cars. They have barely 1 charge cycle on them from me since it was for a PowerWall project but that is a huge commitment of time i don’t have right now.

I am slowly dismantling the power wall i have made already and the cells are for sale. I will ship them in the US, preferable if you’re in california (near me) you can pickup.

I’m letting them go for $4 a cell plus shipping to you. Let me know . I’ve sold over 200+ of these cells so far.


Pretty neat no lie but I think for people to be interested you’d have to come down to $4 a cell (judging on what I paid for the last group buy we did)


You can buy them new for less than $5 a cell shipped (probably $3-4 if you dig).


alibaba sells the 18650a for 2-4 a cell and the 18650b for 4-6 a cell


I’d like to buy 30 cells for $135 if you would be down to go lower.


I’m just trying to see if anyone is interested in the cells i don’t need for my project. If anyone wants to purchase let me know how many and price.


UPDATE : I only have now 50 cells left, someone bought 50 cells.


oh wait nvmd ur unable to sell until you become a member on this site


What does that mean? If @Pantologist is still interested, i only have 25 left.
i’ve already sold 50 cells since post.



Well, i’m almost done selling them. If you need let me know . I can give you my personal phone number , you can call me .


@willpark16 @Robert

@onloop said that it was alright since this thread was posted before it became a rule.


Cool, @willpark16 lives near me and reserved him cells, so i have a few cells still left if anyone is interested.



How many more do u have left and what’s your price


How many do you want?


50 is a good number.


Cool link. Thanks for posting!!


Bump for anyone who is interested in the cells. i have up to 50 cells for now. I’ll be taking another 100 apart as time allows.


Another 50 cells

30 for $130 shipped
40 for $170 shipped
50 for $215 shipped