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For Sale: Firefly Esk8 Remotes and Parts Kits *No longer accepting requests*


Continuing the discussion from For Sale: Firefly Esk8 Remotes and Parts Kits No longer accepting requests:

Hello, we are currently working on a project where we can use your remote control pretty well. we only need the individual components, the assembly and manufacture of the housing is done by ourselves. Please write to us via pm.
Sincerely, Markus Banholzer.


Is there any way to get the parts in a kit still?
Only need the guys, I can do the printing myself. :slight_smile:


I gt my parts from this guy called @rey8801. You can message him about parts.


there’s a parts list from SolidGeek. All the parts in total cost around $30. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G6cbB9tymxwAx_ul-3dK_ecZLHnj8iVudTKXk6aNmv8/edit#gid=0


Does anyone have the real CAD files for this? I would like to edit the thumb wheel in order to put a small bearing in and change some of the shaft sizes.

I don’t like using meshmixer and stuff to work on the STL so I figured I would ask


I agree there are improvements that could be made to this design and we would need the original files for that


I’m just wondering because I have seen what other people have done and it would be difficult to do without the original files


You can go to the original forum:


There are not any CAD files there?



This is all of the files at the link before:


Lmao I am aware of what files are available there, I have looked through all of them. Those are STL files I do not need those cuz I already have thsoe. You can’t happily edit those. I was looking for the original CAD files, like .STEP or .sldprt or something like that.

Thanks for trying though :stuck_out_tongue:


Why u don’t just ask the guy who made them?


I guess I can try that next, I figured I would see if anyone else had them!



This should be your first address! He is the only guy who has the permissions to share step files.