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For Sale , Complete electric longboard ! 12 s SOLD!


hi guys !
i am new to the esk8 community but i am building for a while . i want to sell my last project to fund a new one!

here are the specs
Single Motor Mechanical Electric Longboard Kit ( motor mount fitment: 63mm SK3 Motors - HobbyKing, 83mm wheel color: 83mm
Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 230KV 2650W
TorqueBoards 12S 120A Car ESC OPTO HV ( type: Single 12S 120A Unsensored ESC )
TorqueBoards ESC Programming Card
TorqueBoards 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller
2 x zippy flight max 6 s 5000MAH
oxelo longboard

Top Speed Calculations ( using the eboard calculator great tool )

Weighted Top Speed
30.89 mph / 49.71 kph ( scared sh*tless )

all the components are housed in aluminum boxes under the deck , the boxes are removed via a pin connection.

this board served me well , i have been riding it for 3 month. but i got to keep building , love it to much

help me out guys building these is not cheap

stay safe , ride wisely


whats the ball park number?


about 20 km , regular flat use could be more in parralel ,+ battery is swappeble do to the easy to remove encloser . so for long cruise i just fit extra lipo in backpack


I think @barajabali meant price range :wink:


kek. Curious about the price as well.


i dont know what these kind of boards sell for on the forum. i would like to get some were arond 450 - 500+ shipping usd for it


Your parts from torqueboards costs $426.99 already, excluding your board, connectors, UBEC, enclosure, batteries, and I’m assuming the charger?

I would aim for $500+ if I were you. I’m a bit salty because I ordered the same stuff from torqueboards for a 6s set-up two days ago lol. I would have gladly bought everything here! Good luck!


Im seriously considering. How does it perform in hill climbing and torque?


Would you consider selling everything except the board? I’d like to use my own board if I purchase.


Yes that would be an option as well


I see every body using an app for hill messuring haha ,i wil check on my local hills if i can find the app


Where are you sipping from? The states? Does the board come with charger and remote? Is the board working out of the box?




I am shipping from europe , yes it comes whit a TB mini remote and and for a good price i will sel my imax charger with it .


Shipping lipos would be a problem but if you want the board i will shipp it whitout lipos and discount the value of the batterys , i could use em any way


Would you ship to the US?


Ill need to check what is possible , but i think the lipos will not ship if no problems occur i will ship to us


Do you have an email I can message you at?


I can buy the e board without the lipo packs


I can buy the eboard without the LIPOS as well. I can do 450 for the board. I live in California. Thanks!