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FOOSTED - 8S1P 4.5Ah single 190Kv VESC


Hey !

So since I just got a near fully usable board I decided to create my own thread so I can get some advices and all, this is what I have right now :

  • VESC 4.12 50A
  • 4x 4S 4500 mAh Hobbyking batteries
  • Street Wing motor mount and motor pulley (15T)
  • flywheel 83mm clone
  • 3D printed wheel pulley (36T)
  • Turnigy 6364 190Kv motor
  • DIY wooden enclosures

I’m pretty happy about how it look like, not the cleanest board ever since I have some DIY enclosures made of wood but it is not this bad !

The deck itself is just a testing one, I knew i’ll have to drill a lot of holes in it to see how I could manage to fit all my stuff so I didn’t create a curved one like the real Vanguard, i’ll certainely build another cleaner one by the future, see how I made it (Pretty simple)

I don’t have some pictures of the Vanguard type build but it is basically the same process, two 5mm wooden plank stacked on a slim fiber glass and epoxy layer.
It give a really nice flex and it would look even cleaner if I didn’t drilled this one as much !

After that I had few issues with the Diye motor mount which was just keeping moving, I tried everything, even to build one by myself, it worked but was really, like really heavy and not so clean.
I decided to move to the street wing one and it is just perfect

(see how I destroyed my trucks to fit the diye motor mount …)

After that I had some issues with a motor pulley, didn’t seem to be the best ever and I don’t even remember where I bought it. The belt was just skipping some teeth and the 2 little 2mm screws didn’t supported the motor torque so I bought a new one at the same time I bought the street wing motor mount

See there the old one and the new one

The highest speed that I reached with the board was about 27Km/h, I could go even faster by adding one battery in serie to get a 12S1P but I don’t need it for the moment.

The range is about 34Km with the 8S2P configuration and i’m pretty happy with it, this was actually my main goal, I wanted to go far, further than one boosted board !

The enclosure which is mounted right now on the board is big enough to fit « Only » 2 batteries, so I have a 8S1P configuration with 4.5Ah, it is enough for me since I didn’t want a heavy board to carry in the streets when I need to hold it and the 17Km range is sufficient for a city configuration.

I’m working on a bigger epoxy enclosure to fit my 4 batteries when I need to go far (Because i study in the city but I live in the countryside!)

I made a mold made out of wood and « Polystrene » (I don’t know how do you say it in English ?), it came out to look good, check it out,

Thanks for spending your time to read me, if you see something wrong with the board or whatever you want, I would love to see your comments about it !


It’s a nice board for first build :wink:


Thank you !

I already thought about buying thoses enclosures :

They will fit perfectly for my 1P configuration but I don’t know if I could manage to drill a shaped hole for my loop Xt60 Key …


First you should get xt90s connectors, they are antispark. Then you can place them directly on the wire that goes from 1 enclosure to the other, assuming batteries are in one, ESC in the other


I was using this system with my first enclosure try and it is way less easier to turn on and off, like you need to have both hands and to have a table to hold the board.

Xt60 aren’t anti spark but it won’t do any more damages than burning a little bit the connector itself.


Back on the build of this board and it ended up to look really nice, i’m really proud of the riding style too lol

Since the last pictures I added a bms (Hobbyking 8S one), bough ownboard metal enclosures that look super nice in front of my old wooden one, and they are way more water proof with the foam type under them.

Also changed the old deck which was just an actual 15mm wooden Planck, so completely flat and could broke a any momen,
Since I was in Ivory Coast during this Christmas I made a mold and started to press my vanguard deck made out of 3mm wooden sheets, epoxy and fiber glass.

I don’t have any pictures of the process but it’s basically 4 layers of epoxy + fiber glass glued with epoxy between some wooden sheets, it’s pretty thick but solid af, really :joy:

Back to France i bough 4 kegels that look absolutely amazing with the darkblue caliber trucks, drilled some kind of rails to put my awg12 wires with a dremel :

Added grip, enclosures and here it is out of the oven (Still don’t have the kegel Wheel pulley, should be in my mailbox soon !)

I never felt such a stable and precise ride with the concave that I gave to my deck, the old one were just flat and it make a big difference obviously.

Thank you for your help, much appreciated since the beginning of the build, bms wiring and all !