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Folding e board (first eboard build)


I have actually had this exact idea, I feel like it would be so useful to just throw the board into my backpack. How have the latches reacted to the large amount of force? If they worked, which latches were they?


I actually rode the board around my college campus (ODU) for the past year and a half. I didn’t find the folding feature too convenient, mostly because nothing else would fit in the backpack with it in there and there are such massive bumps on campus that i put on larger wheels. The latches I originally used eventually broke and i used these instead. If i was going to do the folding design again i would use two hinges so the electronics would have more room and it would be folded more flat. I’m probably just going to move the electronics to a larger board for now, since i usually just shove my board somewhere in the back of my classes instead of folding it.


Also that hobbyking esc randomly started on fire and would have burned my board to a crisp if i hadn’t had a leatherman to unscrew the electronics box bolts and rip it out. I replaced it with a torque vesc and it has worked fine since.


I thought about having 2 folds and have it fold like a Z but if I went with 1 fold I would try and have it fold the opposite way that you have it so that the electronics wouldn’t be on the fold and the board would fold flat. But if I did this, the would have to be some really strong latches on the bottom