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Fold up longboard board!


If you don’t move ones set of trucks forward or back, the front and rear wheels will hit each other when you fold it in half. You can see what I mean in this picture. And no, I haven’t gotten any wheel bite.


Yeah but why not just cut the deck at different lengths? So it’s not in the centre


Because then it won’t stand upright when its folded. Would be like having one leg shorter than the other.


Ahhh ok I see now, I didn’t realise you wanted it to stand up


Man, Arbor makes some seriously beautiful decks


I just finished mine. Riptide parts and an Atom board. Took me two tries to get the board perfect.


Looks awesome man!! Well done. Working on my 3rd version of it now. Moving over to the hub kit from Enertion. 4th version might be a custom deck and hinge. Love being able to put it in a backpack! What size batt you use?


You guys don’t rate the BoardUp deck that it comes with?
Still not possible to buy only the mechanism?