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Looks like you have to add legacy Bluetooth protocols support in the next firmware of Unity


Nexus 6 has Bluetooth 4.1


Guys simple questions but I do not want to go through 400 posts. When I set the motor max/min battery max/min are they referring to one side only and they they will be time 2 for a dual set up, like in the Vesc tool configuration, or they are already the summ of two and then they will be divided 2? The motors looks single but the battery max/min seems already double. Thx


Had the same question and found the answer buried in this thread. Jeff and blasto have both answered with for batt max/min that is a single setting reserved for both motors. Motor max/min values will be PER motor. If you stare at the slider on the unity UI, you can see the values for the battery is singular and the motor is for each.


If you for example have a 12s4p 30Q that can do 80A you set 80A battery max, if your motors can hold for example 65A you set 65 motor max.
And if you would go 4wd with 2 unitys it would be 40A battery max and 65A motor max


@mackann @Jaydawg56 Thanks guys! I htought so. You made super clear! Thanks a lot. Some of you attached a hm-10 bluetooth module? is it enoght to pair the 5v, gnd, rx, tx in the right order between bluetooth and module, plus set UART 9600 to get the telemtry data with @Ackmaniac 's app?


Yesterday I connected and recorded a few rides with the HM-10 plugged into the UART port (and enabled in the UNITY UI). MY HM-10 is from BKB and I assume yours is setup the same? I recorded my sessions with XMATIC which should be no different than Ackmaniac


yeh all this module are the same. Thanks man!


Maybe it is appropriate to post here instead of the noon thread.

Does anyone know why i get hard brakes when I stand the throttle? It happened twice now. 1st time I ate it. Lol. This time I was able to save my ass.

Here are the settings.

I’m using the mini remote. Am I hitting the cutoff or somehow my remote throttle gets whacked when I stab it.


Remote calibration is more important to see than the motor settings for this issue. Which mini remote specifically?


Found my issue. It was the motor. If I’m not gradual w the throttle, motor on the right of the video work as it should. But if I was to pull the trigger hard, it cogs. Thanks tho.


Mines the same as this and one motor won’t detect hall sensors either like yours


Mine detects every single time. No errors whatsoever. Weird.


Your hall sensors on the right motor aren’t detected. Possible that they are damaged/ not connected correctly, note how the 3 circle dots aren’t spaced evenly as on the left motor.


I see. I tried sensorless settings w FOC. Same results.


If you want to run sensor-less you should download the full tool and change the “open loop rpm” value in the sensor-less tab to something a bit higher.


Nah. I’ll just get a new motor unless Jared has an idea how to fix this. Plus, I like sensored.

Here’s a pic. You’re right it isn’t detected.


swap motors and halls to confirm its the motor real quick. if motor 2 is still faulty than something weird is happening.


I will. Big kid stuff now. Heading to work. Will update you most likely tomorrow.


Do you also guys have the bug that if you change the battery cutoff then also the number of cells changes? Which is the latest firmware version? I have 23.41