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Nope! But trust I’ll keep a close eye on the changes and integrate the features that make sense :smile: Excited to see vedder pushing forward even if it’s in a slightly different (but parallel) direction. I expect there will be lots of stuff we can share. Love his foc_openloop detection routine very clever, think I might take a look and add as an option for super high kv motors for instance. I love the hand-spin for most eskate motors though.


I am not sure which tool to use to set this up. can I get some help?


Already provided you the right tool to program it, now it will work with FOCBOX UI app as well @drangboards


Dude, this thing is a missile! I need to raise the braking power. You imagine I can handle doing that on my own? I can’t remember what it is set at.


Think of Bat regen as your high speed brakes and motor brake current as your low speed brakes.


How about this then? It was already -15 and -30… It feels weak at that. ?


I was asked this question via pm, since i think this info should be public.

Motor: 270Kv N5055 outrunner 1400W
Battery: 10S2p sanyo 30A continuous
What are the recommended settings?

Motor max: 30A
Motor min: -30A
Batt max: 30A
Batt min: -10A


You just need to adjust the braking current, make sure your remote is set to R-Spec mode


Switch on the back of the remote should be down position.


question about unity settings and different power out come for motor1 and motor2.

For the records my setup was the following:
-mountain board, 8" tires,
-chain driven 72 -16,
-turingy 5035 125kv,
-two 5s lipos 5000mAh 40C in series
I’m careful and very precise with connections and soldering
used the focboxUI
and after several tries ( I mean several) Motor 2 was always slow starting , with less RPM’s
I was able to ride my board for four or five test rides and figured that this motors are too small.
Asking for help at the enertion support and here at the forum and been told ,
the Hall sensors at motor2 are might damaged. Ok.
In the meantime I ordered new motors - 6374 149kv , installed them and funny thing , same thing happen with the new setup. Motor 2 starts rotating with a delay and slow rpm’s.
Maybe the new motor got Hall sensor problems as well.
So I was curious and switched both new 6374 motors.
same thing happen.
I need some help here to understand what’s going on .
What ever motor is connected to the my unity port motor2 side gets a different performance than motor1 side.
Funny thing is - I can see the different torque performance at my tires - even after 5 rides 20 k , motor1 has way less thread.
I started to play a little at Focbox_tool_1.0 , but couldn’t figured out .
Ive got a message " bad fox hall detection results received" but this happens with three different motors. And one of the motors 6374 I received this message was placed on motor1 port at the unity and is was good.
Im asking for help.


Can you make a little video showing the tests on the bench? As much information showing how its wired up plugged in etc.


How to connect to Bluetooth? Turn on board? Hit a button on the remote? I can’t find this information anywhere.


Turn board on
Open app
Hit scan
Choose unty


You need the Focbox UI on your phone, turn on your board then hit the Bluetooth connection tab.
With windows bluetooth is still not working.


Beat me to it. :heart:


Have you checked the Unity itself, any burn marks behind the sensor wire connector on the PCB?


Gosh thanks guys. Maybe this cell phone doesn’t want to find it then. It might be too old.


What is your Cell phone Android version?
I think the Unity app only support 4.4 or above


My Nexus 6 didn’t find the Unity, now have Pixel 2 that works. I think old phones even with a new OS have a problem.


Confirm the bluetooth module version of the phone, it must be above 4