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Yup! Works great.


:wink:let me rephrase, would anyone mind sharing the settings needed to get it connected. I’ve got my metr connected @9600 but still not seeing and data in the app


Is your metr on the latest FW?


Yes, first thing I did was update it.


in the end, we reverted back to two separate single VESCs and talk to each of them through UART.

but i would rather use the focbox unity instead with UART. then from microcontroller, then spent different erpm commands to each motor.

=> how can i do that?


Similar to how you send a command to single vesc you issue the same command over uart to unity but send two current values in the command packet for motors 1&2.

This is normal vesc commend structure snippet:

	ind = 0;
	mc_interface_set_duty((float)buffer_get_int32(data, &ind) / 100000.0);

	ind = 0;
	mc_interface_set_current((float)buffer_get_int32(data, &ind) / 1000.0);

This is unity:

    ind = 0;
    cmd1 = (float)buffer_get_int32(data, &ind) / 100000.0;
    cmd2 =(float)buffer_get_int32(data, &ind) / 100000.0;

    ind = 0;
    cmd1 = (float)buffer_get_int32(data, &ind) / 1000.0;
    cmd2 =(float)buffer_get_int32(data, &ind) / 1000.0;

You can see it reads an extra value from the command packet and that is the only difference. You’ll have to modify the library you use to interface and add in an additional argument to send.



What kind of thermistor in the motors Unity expects? I am planning to add custom thermistors in my motors.


10k, the beta is adjustable


Hello I really hope someone can help me I just received my focbox unity and I don’t know what settings to put in I have a power truck system from here’s the link to the exact system I have I’m a noob anybody’s help will be greatfuly appreciate it.


Quick question about the 2-pin aux plug on the unity…

The pin is labeled “batt +” in the unity diagram. So does that mean is passes full battery voltage or something like 5V? I want to use that pin to pass batt voltage to my volt meter, but am not sure what current is passed.

Thanks for the assist!


It passes full battery voltage. I use it for a voltage display.


Good to know, so it’ll work with the new maytech split trigger R2 receiver very nicely.


Gyeah! Reason why I asked. Gotta get that maytech batt indicator going


Do you have the receiver on you? I’ve heard it’s just a single wire coming off for battery but want to see for myself.


Yep. Feed the wire through and solder down.


Not too pretty is it?


Cool so if I just crimp a jst ph 2 pin to the positive, it should be plug and play. Probably ought to ground as well


The ground will be common don’t think I’d worry about it.


I almost wish I didn’t ask for a picture :face_vomiting:

Good thing it’ll be hidden


Can you use the regular vesc tool(and the update coming out) with the unity?