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Thank you , I will try this.
In october when I started to gather all information for ordering parts and reading here for many nights ,Ive found this Motor as suitable with lots of torque. But Anyway, what motor in your opinion would fit better for 8" tires and my constellation . I spend now so much money (lol) and don’t mind to buy new motors, want to do it right . And having fun with DIY and rinding :smile:
I noticed that the torque is not really impressive from those 5035. And I thought with my set up is something wrong . Max speed is 34km , range 10k trail and sometimes I’m want more torque .


on 8" pneumatics, i’d go for 6374 motors, could probably get away with smaller 6355’s, but it will be somewhat sluggish with 6355’s.


Thank you for your advice , there are different rpm variations of this 6374 available. 146, 168 and the 195. Which one would you use for 8” wheels . I don’t want crazy speed but good torque even in lower speed.
Ok , I kind of assume this question is silly because of my ratio.
Offroad calculation in my case ( and in mind I have three sets of motor sprockets 14, 15, 16teeth)
would you rather go with the 146 kv or 168kv? Is it better to max out these motors to have the advantage of the momentum with the 146 kv or getting the 168 kv an running this motor in max on 80%? chain driven is always more friction I think but just rock immortal against gravel and dirt .
Oh , I just checked , all 6374 running on 12C . And I have now 3 new sets of 10C ( because my 5035 are running on 10c) … any chance for me with the 10C packs to get more torque and little more speed?



Is there a firware revision for us who wants to use metr Bluetooth w the feather remote? I was told by @sofu that to get both working, it needs a different firmware.


Just had a bit of time to look at my dead battery meter. I have 2.3V at the meter, so I don’t think it’s the fuse.

Can anyone tell me if that’s the correct voltage on the two pin connector with a meter attached?


@Deodand Ran into an issue setting up my unity. Ran the setup wizard. While testing on the bench one of my motor will change direction on its own between throttle pulls.


I am trying to send rpm commands from a microcontroller to each motor of focbox unity but i struggle.
it seems through app/ppm the same pwm is used to move the two motors synchronously. the foc_openloop / foc_openloop2 (through usb) do not work for me either because i am trying to send erpm target values not current values.
how should i proceed ?


@fourchette Hey I have a FW that supports independent dual channel PPM. It uses one of the pins fro the seven pin header as the input. Would that work for your application?


@PickSix24 If you are running sensorless motors this corresponds to a bad motor spinup. If you are kickpushing your skateboard off the line before throttling it wont impact your ride. It does indicate a less than optimal motor calibration however. I’d try running motor config again to get the best values. If you want to go more in depth you can download the full tool and play with motor config-> FOC ->sensorless-> openloop ERPM. You can try increasing this value a bit to get better spinup.


Do I initially have to connect the unity to PC via USB before I could pair the Bluetooth?

This is what I’m getting everytime I try to connect to it via bluetooth.

OnePlus 3T
Android 7.1.1


No need to pair. Connect to it from the app.


I’ll try running the setup again. They are sensored motors and the values are pretty equal between the two. Thanks


post a screenshot of motor config when it runs


Does his mean that my sensors aren’t being detected , I’m using new motors that haven hit the road yet


Yeah your halls aren’t being detected at all


One of my motors won’t detect the hall sensor too but they worked fine before…just transferred from dual focbox to Unity?? :thinking:


I see that the bleuthooth in the Windows program don’t work? I have running my trampa but I must change my direction. I don’t want to unscrew 24 screws :sweat_smile:


Loose sensor adapter connection. Ran it again and now it’s perfect !


Is there a ETA on firmware update? Is IOS support coming as well? @Deodand


Anyone have their unity working with metr ?