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Hey guys just curious im trying to order a Unity directly from Enertion and im trying to use my Debit car and they tell me they only accept credit cards, this does not sound right especially cause i can use my debit like a credit. did anyone else have this problem?

also how would you hook 2 Unitys to turn on together on a 4wd set up?


Debit card policies has been changed after the massive Cyber thefts (Starting from January 2019)
Consult your bank for further details, Looks like now you have to enable the online session/E-commerce session on your card to purchase online. (that’s what I have faced)

Give it a go and let us know!

You can connect 2 Unity’s via CANBUS just like dual original FOCBOXes


thanks so i have to call my bank that sounds more reasonable.

i know about the can bus but i was wondering how you wire the on/off button to 2 unities


Just need to add the 5V wire on the CAN bus harness with a 5 to 10ohm resistor inline with the 5V.

We just need to add a CAN shutdown command in the firmware, will be included in the next update that is comming fairly soonish


off topic but what bms are you using here?


A treat especial


Is there anyone on this forum who is not complaining about shipping and would give me a review of this product. I don’t care about the shipping never mind that. all i want to know is how robust, reliable and easy to use product this is? I recently blew a maytech vesc in under a week so i’m looking to do it right and spend money on quality parts and have them last rather then fixing cheap ones all the time.


dude the product is recently released. people need time to properly test it. That being said i set up mine a few weeks ago and haven’t had any problems on 10s. The app is very easy to use and setup. The integrated switch makes wiring a whole lot easier. Its a great product.


sorry if i sounded like a asshole. how long ago did you order it. it says that i should expect it sometime after February


i got it with the first batch which shipped in end of November. yeah the next batch isnt due till febuary


how long did it take to arrive after you pre ordered?


Mine took 3 days from when I got my shipping notification to it being on my doorstep and I have to say one of the best thing about it is @Deodand . I have been asking him questions and after my first unity type c port came loose he instantly sent me a new one and I did not have the instant replace warranty. The thing is bullet proof and can endure @b264’s test of slamming your board into the wall for 30 mins. The app is also a really great feature and it still is getting new features.


wow that’s fast. but i guess that’s what you get when you pay $41 for shipping is that the time after you clicked the pre order button. you said you got it in November but what month did u pre order it?


Literally the day after it came out :smile:


i got mine before christmas break. so whenever that was. i haven’t used it yet.


so would you consider this esc the Bugatti of esc’s? :joy:


meh. it’s more of a lamborghini as the color is so bright.


I would call it the pimped out, 2000 horsepower prius of escs :smile: … because it is reliable, practical and can take a beating yet it has all the performance you will need.


probably more like a P1