Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD




Just make sure you test it in a safe environment, if you need to bail, and that the board won’t take off into a lake

Juuuust in case something goes wrong :joy::joy:


During my remote calibration with mid stick or 0 input on the remote, the Unity is reading 20%. if I trim my remote to get it to read zero then I can’t get full throttle or reverse. I would love a way to calibrate my remote for the max endpoints and also manually set the midpoint. My remote it a trigger style so I have more throttle travel than brake travel. Hopefully next firmware update??!!


Thank you so much @JLabs for having a functional store where I purchased my Unity, no waiting, no guessing, no nothing

It’s arriving 4(woops :stuck_out_tongue: ) days after ordering it(teusday -> today) and I couldnt be more happy

Just one question for you @CarlCollins or @onloop

I purchased my Unity knowing full well that I wouldn’t have the parts to properly test the function when I receive it, would whatever warranty still hold when I get my build up and running? ( Next 4-6 months)

I’ll leave it untouched in the box if that helps :joy::joy:


In the uk is 15£ os $16 ish is taxable


Dose any one know why Black Friday sales of FocBox and Unity purchase together were sent separately

But now combine FocBox and Unity sales are now delayed/held until both can be shipped together. Why the change in policy?

@CarlCollins @onloop



If you purchased it directly from us, then you might have 2 types of warranties on it
1: 60 days default warranty
2: 1-year warranty (if Purchased/added)

Both of the warranties start from the day you received the items, even if you haven’t used your item in this period
warranty will expire on time


It depends on the availability of the items, we avoid split shipping this time so customers will not face taxes (Government & Custom related) twice on single order.


quickly changes pants

WOW! Great size, much smaller than I thought it would have been. Great job deodand and whoever else was a part of this :slight_smile:

Special thanks to Jlabs too :slight_smile: Always the most consistent.

Now how can I possibly test it to make sure its all in one working piece… Ive got no motors :rofl:


Buy pizza and beer for a local esk8 member to let you test on thier board.


no one is local besides eric… and he hasnt even returned my texts :frowning:
I dunno what I did :man_shrugging:

Looks like its gonna be a gamble lol

I guess I might as well ask JohnnyMeduse about his rates ahread of time :rofl:


If you’re really concerned you could always ship it to someone you trust and have them test it and ship it back.
It probably cost you about 30 bucks in total but it might be worth the Peace of Mind.


I trust enertion with the first batch not to goof to hard… But I guess youre right


It’s usually 45 bucks, that includes return shipping.


hey not too bad :slight_smile:


Would he charge more for unity since its a dual or no?


I don’t know, you’ll have to ask @JohnnyMeduse.


Sadly the Price for Unity might be more around 75USD, not because it is dual, but mostly because I don’t have a big inventory of parts unlike the Regular Focbox or VESC.

But as Always if there no problem I don’t charges anything. :wink: (except shipping)


75USD shipping included? And if I just came by to stop and drop off? :wink:


Any chance of getting better than 1V resolution in the android app? 36, 37, 38, 39 volts is pretty much 20-100% charge. Similarly, what curve was used for the % for the battery? @deodand, @Ackmaniac it would be amazing if the Unity and the Ackmaniac app played nicely together.


Could you send me the link as well please ? Thanks :pray: