Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD




Use the USB cable it worked perfect for me on my windows laptop…


This might be why, it’s a 22p pack as far as I know, and it can only support up to 50a Conti and 60 peak, seems like the bms is trying to stop you from killing it


When you did your remote calibration with the app, where your in Rspec mode?

If the calibration was done in “normal”, then put in Rspec, the ppm signal will overshoot and the unity will see this as a bad signal


The calibration was done in normal, you sure i need yo do it in r-spec ??


I will change the battery, but for the moment if i want to avoid that , do i just set my battery max amp lower??


Your configuration seems to be alright for this battery. Just do what @Blasto said and run remote calibration with R-Spec mode on.


My bad @epss4 I just didn’t think the LG configuration existed for that brand and size of batteries.

Can you show me a link or something to the LG one?


sure man


The Calibration need to be run in R-Spec mode… Or it will only include 80% of the throttle, and if you go over 80% it will stop working, which will happen if you switch in R-spec mode.


I have the same pack… Made from Samsung 22p cells…



@JohnnyMeduse I was curious can we customise how much throttle we get in both normal and r-spec independently on the unity? I been playing with mine but couldn’t work it out? Or is this something built in to the remote in the form of it just runs the same throttle response but only to the % you mentioned being 80% of max?

I am running the nano-x from enertion… I was hoping to set normal to a nice cruising speed when at max throttle say 30kph and r-spec to be all out which in my configuration is about 65kph this was just so I could run it with out having to manually hold the throttle at a particular point.

If it’s controller firmware only is there a way to customise this?

Thanks in advance


Sadly no… the ppm curve are hard coded inside the remote


Ok, so I just noticed this, but I was assured a matter of days ago these start shipping this month (and mine would be included):-

Can someone from Enertion please confirm the correct info as I’ve planned my whole build around this?



You can order from @JLabs if you need it this month.


@JohnnyMeduse are there any remotes that this is customisable?

I guess in the mean time I may need to just manually adjust the max levels on the unity before a ride as I will be primarily commuting so probably better to have it set to a slower set up …


No to my knowledge… sorry


Awesome thanks! I’ve Pmd him. Cheers for the info :slight_smile:


Anyone able to help me with an issue with the nano x remote I have run set up on unity and turned the throttle curve down but on bench test it’s extremely sensitive in both slow/ r spec. It hits max throttle with only having moved 30% according to app on the thumb stick. In reality it’s got about 5mm between ramping up and max throttle… which makes me nervous to get it on the road… I have run calibration many times in both r spec and slow and haven’t been able to work it out… any ideas on what I am doing wrong??


Unloaded it’s common to not use much of the throttle to achieve ‘max power’

Set it up properly, put it down on the ground and ride just like normal, the added load should make it behave like normal


@Sn4pz cheers mate I wasn’t sure so was hesitant to throw my self under the bus haha