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Extra safety 🤷


Maybe… but the raptor 2.1 e-tray does have a fuse. Looks like an ANL fuse in a fuse holder, and judging by other comments in this thread it’s at least an 80 amp, possibly 100 amp.


In the words of Jeff, he has never had one spark but it is recommended to have a fuse.


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But i think the unity can take up to 300A , why put a 80A fuse ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Matter of preference. I, along with a few others, would hypothetically rather risk blowing a vesc under some insane (hopefully unachievable) condition than blow a fuse and immediately lose control of your board when in reality the vesc might have been able to take the Amps. I don’t like risking the unity but I don’t like risking my whole self either.


This is my reasoning too. I’d rather burn the whole thing to cinders than have a fuse blow randomly while doing 40mph.

EDIT; I do advocate fusing the charge port and cell level on the battery though. This will protect from a charge related fire.


Thank you for adding the charge fuse note! I should have stressed it earlier as well. On that note, @hyperIon1 and @hyperIon2 are working on including fuses in this exact fashion on their battery pack charge ports. This should have been standardized long ago!


:open_mouth: i rather get my vesc blow than throw myself in the road about 25mph :smiley: :smiley: im so confused hahaha if i get fuse or not


Links incoming, one sec

Basically, use an Xt90s loopkey for a physical on/off switch (you can have a push button start switch on top of this too still). If you want to protect your esc more than yourself, fuse the loopkey. If you want to protect yourself a bit more but risk damaging components, use a thick ass wire (10 AWG, high quality) to effectively DE-fuse, the loopkey.


I know it sounds silly but could someone buy one of these after I send them PayPal or cash app, the digikey website refuses to change to states shipping for me :sob:


Check Mouser electronics. They ship to us and are cheap, quality parts


Have you tried visiting the American site instead of the Canadian site?

Change the .CA to .COM :wink:


I was thinking in my head, I swear ive ordered from them before…


Also, try if they have it, free overnight shipping. And I believe they have it.



Hi im sure someone can help me here , i have the 2’q raptor drive kit , can someone tell me what value i need to setup for rpm (test erpm) in the unity tool, now its at 14 …Thanks


10, you can also just run the config routine to find this number if you click that button.


Do i need to press the power button for a period of time to activate Bluetooth or something like that?
I can’t connect it !! i try on iphone ,mac ,windows
My mac see the unity but nothing happend when i press « connect »and can’t see the unity on windows and im 100% i have Bluetooth on windows…
What i do wrong??..


I use my phone and in order to connect I have to have the scan going at the same time I connect. Im not sure this is the case for everyone but it workes that way for me.


At this stage the Bluetooth function only works for Android phones.

I feel like maybe we need a unity FAQ thread :joy: