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mine too have connector not 100% right , but not 180 degree flipped :stuck_out_tongue: ! !!


What can we do if we only have a Mac? Because I’m the box it says it will be compatible with a Mac and that’s all I have to program the unity


Apparently you get tarred and feathered if you have a mac for the unity. I was able to build a virtual MacOS and sent a link to Jeff on how i did it. So it is in there court now. I’m surprised that it isnt out considering that amount of time the took with it in the betas and everything. I hate the face that companies continue to neglect the apple OS even though the iOS is one of the biggest selling operating systems for phones. The app I can understand but the mac compatible software I can not.

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Don’t you remember the thermal pad gate of mid 2018. You better check it.


I didnt even read the rest as this is gospel so the rest must be irrelevant :smile:


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Bring your board to the library and use the computer there. Then apologize for the noise.


hey i have a mac and i was able to setup my unity no problem?! :stuck_out_tongue:


You mind telling me how?


Use a phone, keep your nips


well i was like you , wondering how i was goig to set it up with my mac (i have a iphone also so forget android app) , so i ask them on their website and they send me a link, and it did work perfecly, i only add to flash the new unity firmware that it ! to flash it you have to go to the firmware table and select the one that come when you plug the unity in your laptop
here is the link :


Still implying you have nips. We know the truth. They turned into a Unity each.


Apologies mate for this mess and glad you solved the issue already.
let me know about the bluetooth module?
Is it working or not?


It is. I didn’t find it too bad as it was only the connector that was reversed. Everything I can test at the moment works.

Yup. 16V is that good ol 4S battery I have connected for testing. :slightly_frowning_face:


Let me know if you need any further help


My Unity seems to be dead after I put it on the charger after my third ride. Any tips? I guess technical support has holiday for a few days now.


The more details the better


Details I know is it worked perfectly before charging and the battery is at 41.4v, 10s. Led won’t turn on, Bluetooth won’t work, won’t spin the motors. Looks okey under the silicone casing.


Try unplugging anything plugged into the 5v/3v3 most common would be the RF receiver for ppm or the bt module on top of the board. Also the hall sensors.

If anything is shorting those out it won’t turn on.