I was just pm with @Deodand…next week will be very exciting with over 180 US customers and one Icelander @Grozniy all receiving Unity controllers I think this is probably the biggest shear volume release of technology that has hit the eSk8 industry.


Well, it’s not perfect but the repository for the firmware is live!

I’ll get the sources for the app/tool updated once I finish coding them :sob:


I can say one thing well done!

My job is done here (I am out) :slight_smile:

P.S. I will have a look later on into the code base as I have analysed original one some time ago :slight_smile:

EDIT: guys dont try to upload this to ur vesc It will not start running 2 motors :smiley:


Not had the inevitable DHL letter through in the post yet. Won’t be much, and I could probably get away with not paying the $20 or $30 it’ll probably be, but then they won’t deliver anything else to me in the future so not worth dodging. But 2x focboxs for $198 is a pretty good deal at the end of the day ! (Plus tax) :joy:




Think of all those poor trees.


Get educated


Great job! Looks like COMM_GET_UNITY_VALUES will be very useful to get telemetry from both controllers at once.

322: mc_interface_set_pid_speed(pid_rpm,pid_rpm);

I guess this will fix an issue when only one motor is working in cruise control mode (FlipSky 4.12).


My order was August 16 and i did not get any shipping notification yet. Hope everything is fine…


also waiting. ordered in September.


Not too sure, but I think a lot of our orders hasn’t been updated since “Awaiting Fulfillment”


They just posted the source code for the modified GPL software yesterday, so they weren’t legally able to ship prior to that.


Someone just told me this unity is only using 2 shunts and not 3 for sensing and vedder says it’s suspect using only 2 and foc really needs to run 3 to be reliable/safe. The real 6 uses 3 and even the flipsky 6.6 is using 3. Anyone have any info related to that


Lol, the Unity only supports foc


Was told only using 2 shunts no? And vedder recommmeded 3. That was one of the changes to the 6 from the 4. Maybe ur laughing as I seem the poster of doom in all commercial threads. Just wondering what the news is from those that know.


The hw is not based on any of Vedder’s designs… it it’s own beast


We will see I guess. Acceptable isn’t my favorite term for an esc


People have been running focboxes with FOC forever and it is a 2 shunt design. Ultimately 3 shunts is more information on the state of the motor, but as soon as the motor is in motion it isn’t a terribly hard system to model/estimate/track. The term “acceptable” is not our aim with the unity. It is an absolute monster and extremely reliable. During my FW testing I have coded some really bad things that cause dangerous levels of current to be dumped through the units (blown multiple 70 amp slow-blow fuses instantly) and the thing is just fine afterwards. @longhairedboy had a hell of a time breaking his beta unit and we’ve only made them more robust since then (he had water damage on a beta unit without conformal coating).

A three shunt design will see some advantages in robotics/automation applications where precise and fine control over fractions of an amp can yield real world benefits. Not really the case for eskate, no one will be the wiser if there motor is getting 30 amps or 30.1 amps. That is the reason why for the eskate application a well designed two shunt design can do everything a three shunt design can. Once a larger current is flowing through the motor the system becomes extremely observable and more measurement inputs won’t offer much extra information on system Dynamics.


This is missing from so many ESCs, it’s silly. :+1: :100:


Yeah, there is a lot of little details like this added into the design/manufacturing that patch a lot of common failure modes. Protection on all the hall sensor/motor ports, TVS diodes on all the voltage lines, isolated CAN bus IC, insanely robust anti-spark switch… The list goes on. Excited to see what new and creative ways you guys find to blow up our motor controller :laughing: