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Ya I definitely understand that. They’re nice to have but can be hard to justify the higher price and slower fusing. Thanks again for your replies :grin:


@Deodand Christmas :evergreen_tree: is coming and I have a wish :gift: / question about temprarure monitering and software.

Right now we can monitor Vesc temp and motor temp, how difficult / possible is it to add a third sensor to monitor battery temp?


Already built-in. You can have custom battery temperature control profile.


Will the button included work to connect for 2 unity? (ofc you need to modify the cable) Or the led will brake?


you only need the two white wires of the momentary switch for the second unit and then it will work correctly.


Cool! Which port does it wire into?


Apologies, @onloop is mistaken. On a previous hardware revision we had it wired such that the second ppm input could be coopted to a battery thermistor. On the new unit you could route the battery thermistor in using the 7 pin port (2 adc pins there) you’d also have to add in a 10k between 3v3 and the adc pin alongside the thermistor. Implementation on the software side from there would be relatively simple.


Sorry for not wanting to scroll through the entire thread, but what is the ETA on the group buy orders shipped? I have 4 ordered thru group buys and my 2 current FOCBoxes just took a sh*t due to a can-bus short (at least I think that’s the issue. I don’t know what else would cause both to fail simultaneously. All I did was test ride around the block, it worked great and I turned it off. A week later I tried to turn in on. The 2.4ghz receiver gets power and works fine, but there are no lights on either FOCBox and I can’t get it connected over USB. I literally have not even taken off the enclosure for a week since it was working so this is crazy.)


End of Noveber I think.
That sounds wierd with your foxboxes tho…


Late November the first batch should start shipping
Phase wires might have shorted themselves :thinking:
@L3chef got it first :laughing:



upcomming cyber moday preview is it? :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice booty


Do you think you could implement a mode like the endless mode on mellow board?






Now, I am starting ESK8 build with the premise of using FOCBOX Unity.
There is no need to branch the battery cable or prepare the switch.
This also indirectly saves expenses.
Space efficiency is also good.
I expect it.


I can’t wait to build a dual unity build, with two raptor hubs… I hope if they sell the hubs that they keep stocking them for sale for a while and not just a one off kinda thing.