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for me, it’s sensored. but believe it applies to uncensored as well.

you’re the phd, we defer to your expertise. FW fix does sound better than messing with a setting. that max erpm setting in bldc works very well.

i haven’t messed with this value, i suspect you’re right.



I suspect one reason it hasn’t just been solved is that its a symptom caused by multiple issues. Kind of like a sore throat, just because you have one doesn’t mean everyone’s got the same sickness.


Is 1st batch still available?


That’s a big negative my man


I can’t wait to read and watch the updates on this China trip.


Hey, I ordered my unity during the first 4 day sale, in mid August, will I be one of the first people to receive one? And will this be around mid to late November? Thanks


Most likely not they will probably be in January Although it does seem like Enertion does have there shit together this year. Unlike last year Focbox debacle which I am still waiting for my carbon fiber money clip that held up the order.


Let me know your order ID, I will arrange the clip :slight_smile:


I’m not very worried about it now


Hey guys, here’s a pretty fun video of the unity and some testing we did with the production units, Enjoy!

Quick update, my flight to Shenzen leaves tomorrow. All the Jig software is done, firmware is nearly done (polishing, going to be a late night tonight) and from my understanding everything seems to be coming together on time. I will have a much better picture of where we are at over the course of the next several days. Wish us luck!


Do you think it will be safe to run 13s on the unity?


If you go down a big hill on 13s and exceed your max speed for a sustained time the unity will not handle it. The DRV is rated to 60V, it has protection against transient spikes beyond 60V which seem to be doing their job very well, but a sustained applied voltage beyond 60V is likely to end badly.


Looking forward to updates Jeff


I didn’t want or need the money clip either, but now that I got it, I actually use it every day. Give it a chance :wink:


Finally someone with hardware design and testing knowledge said something on this.

Seems like the answer is yes it should be ok provided your not bombing big hills. Prob no warranty.

So what about 14s charged to 4.0v so 56v total?


Shaving close to absolute maximum voltages always carries inherent risks but our limited testing seems to indicate the Unity handles these upper limit voltages well. the Fets and Power switch are all rated to 75V it’s just the DRV’s that are the weak link.


On plane to Shenzhen now. Focbox unity mass production imminent.

I’ll be listening to the new Arnold Schwarzenegger audio book.


Keep the production photos and posts coming. They are very interesting.


You should share your audiobook with the guy behind you. He looks very bored


why on the enertion site the unity is rated to 50V only?