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Likely not. Those tariffs are for the most part on raw materials and industrial equipment. Since manufacturing isn’t taking place in the US or AUS (no raw material imports) and the focbox is not an industrial component (we’re talking jet engines and stuff) it doesn’t get affected (this is just my speculation).


I work for a company that makes finished goods in china. Backpacks. And we are affected so there’s that. No idea about electronics industry.

I don’t want to get way off topic though with a trade tariff discussion.


I preordered the new Focbox ! just curious, what fuse specs are would you advice ? I have two D5035 125kv and two Lipo in series 5000 mAh 40C . thanks


As @Blasto said I tested with the foc open loop command. So real 80A motor current flowing. It looks like you mix up my test with an other one, because I haven’t done a video but was using the https://metr.at Pro module for recording and shared the record. And as you can see in the log I recorded the thermal throttle for some minutes before I ended the open loop command.


@onloop @Deodand
Hey fellas, Im building a 12s monsterboard with 10" tyres. Im going to be running 4 x APS 130Kv motors through chain reduction gearboxes.
My question is… Is it possible to connect 2 unitys together for “Quad drive” and if so, would it be better to run “Left side, Right side” or “Front wheels, Back wheels” configuration?
Let me know what you think.


You can connect them theough CAN bus, front-back sounds simpler


awesome thank you :smiley:



Would it be possible to control the two motors separately via PPM? I just saw the production sample video and it only showed a single 3-pin ppm input.


2 receivers?


No, single receiver, 2 PPM outputs. I want to control the left/right motor independently.


I think its not really possible with their implementation


You want to use ch1 for one motor and ch2 for the other? If you want independant control (and can’t for the love of skatan think why) then why are you posting on a dual speed controller thread?


Because my application is not skateboard related and every other dual channel vesc (maytech/flipsky) has the option to switch between CAN-throughput ppm input or dual ppm input.

I need for a robotic application and the dual channel vesc would greatly simplify my wiring.


Yeah this one is pure esk8 my friend. sorry.


I thought they wanted to market it to the robotics market also? Indepent channel control is probably good feature for that. I don’t care though happy to have a e-sk8 only controller.


Shit yeah forgot about that bit of hype. Alas though its just for us :sunglasses:


The unity supports full independent control of two unique motors. You can send different commands to both motors most easily through uart. There is actually a second ppm input on the auxilary header as well if you absolutely wanted to use ppm. A small firmware patch for dual independent ppm wouldn’t take me more than an hour to implement.

Also, no clue why @Kug3lis is answering questionss. He has never seen the hardware and doesn’t know our implementation :slight_smile: (is this the correct smiley to use after I say something slightly rude?)


spot on, on the smiley. :slightly_smiling_face:


…how? Just use two separate vescs? wth? I dont see the problem


Make boards not war