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hang on WTF…initial offer was for “4 days only” but that really translated to “get in first and you too can pay extra for shipping”

canceled order


I’ve ordered one now! I hope this turns out good :slight_smile: It would have been cheaper with the preorder deal even with shipping for me. So I still think those who preorder in the first period got the best deal!


Ouff flags all the way down huh :smiley:

What Bluetooth mod is being used for the Unity ?


Yeah someone really didnt liked our discussion…

What is lowest voltage Unity will work?



Will unity work with brushed motors?


It’s not the shipping, not the 4 day never ending sale nor @onloop 's attitude. Enertion just over stressed how much cheaper the Unity will be to produce and implement! I was really hoping for something in between the 80US$ Meepo, Wowgo, Ownboard margin and the 300US$ dual Focbox. But nearly 300$ if you include the shipping just feels like the cost advantage isn’t passed on to the customer.
I think this whole e-skate thing need a mid margin contender who is selling decent stuff for a good price point. My hopes in @onloop where high, maybe too high.


Whilst I am very excited to receive my unity and im very impressed with the specs, i do think that the “Launch” has been a shitty experience, especially for the early adopters.

As an earley adopter i was lead to believe that we were getting some special deal for buying early and that it was at the cheapest price possible.

Firstly the price kept changing during the ordering process, was only really sure of the cost when i had finished checking out. but whatever, despite shipping costs it seems reasonable price for new hardware with so many features.

Then 20 mins later Enertion email me a 12% discount code for the product i just brought. They wont allow me to cancel and reorder and they wont refund me the difference. Why the fuck you email me a code that you wont allow me to use, after i already purchased the product? what purpose does that serve other than pissing people off? they say they can only offer me in store credit refund, i will never use it but i guess its better than nothing.

Then this morning they email me saying its now on offer with free shipping. fucking great, i already ordered and payed shipping. you’ve already had me money. i already know your not willing to give me any back. what am i supposed to do with this?


it’s cheaper when you bought it than it is now fyi.

ie: the total price you paid with shipping is less than the per unit cost now.


Right, i realize that now. But i still had to dig out my email confirmation, convert currency from AUD and check there website for current prices before i worked that out.


From all talk about Unity before the pre order started i thought it would be alot cheaper then 2x focbox, but now even on preorder it is almost the same as 2x focbox :frowning:


In Their defence they mentioned it would be cheaper to Produce, Not that much on cheaper to sell.
so with this they can build a capital quicker, And be able to maybe say spend more cash on customer support.


This is why enertion grew so fast for a one man shop with no capital and minimal funding. Afaik Jason doesn’t take a big cut of the profits and instead invests them back into the business and expanding the company. I would say this is the only good management decision he’s made because everything else from marketing to pricing of his products and the production of raptor 2s have been shitty all the way. He spends time reading on how to grow his business but doesnt learn how to sell his products properly. have you seen the website? Everything is bold with !!! After every sentence and makes use of 90’s clickbait marketing jargon. His products have so much potential but it’s being held back by himself. Wouldn’t say he’s the only one who’s been left behind though trampa is equally as guilty and maybe even more since their website is filled with so much self praise that even just navigating the site is a pain in the ass but at least their prices don’t change from day to day…

@onloop should really use some of the profits to hire someone who’s only good at marketing like Jeremy from jedboards…


It’s not that bad, it doesn’t say “click here” anywhere. That’s like if I have a keyboard and the M key, instead of having the “M” on top of the key, it’s off to the side with an arrow that says “press there”


Just checked their website and you’re right, they seem to have cut down on those stupid stuff since a year ago, but then this still looks like those kickstarters that try to scam you with nice product shots but low quality and overall crappy product


quick video riding the unity. so far it’s working fine but I need to get back my confidence, this kitesurfing trip almost made me forgot how to ride an electric skateboard. I wish I could measure some stuff to report back. I had a receiver issue, for some reason one of the cables of my receiver (white one) what loose, so that was a bit weird but I found the bug when I got back home.


Cool! What’s the beat?


good old GraveDiggaz tune. The album six feet deep recorded back in 1994 is just pure dopeness. The video clip is also massively powerful.


Ahh gravediggaz… Haven’t listened to them in probably 1.5 decades. Brings back memories :grinning:


Nice as always.

By the way how many peoples orders did you have to honor for free for the world cup. If you don’t mind telling.


Is Duty cycle mode or speed based control a possible feature on the unity? Considering using unity for a rideable RC car application and always felt duty cycle as more intuitive