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And I get yelled at when I suggest to never use 12S in ESCs that contain DRV83xx chips. People don’t care. Fingers in ears La La La La




let me guess you knocked off 5-10 euro off the shipping price,
Included it in the Item price, And will have an excuse to use cheap shipping.

more money for enertion.
China post (you can’t complain look shippings free)

Just make sure you Don’t give bad shipping to those who paid 30 and were told they’d get express.


guess they still struggling to hit their unity sales target…


Its not cheaper then before for unity+shipping, unity now have a higher price and free shipping so it was cheaper before with the high price shipping


I haven’t checked this but that would mean he pulled a meepo.

Should have started with advertising it this way


When i bought it with shipping on the first day, it was 395 AUD,
Now the price with free shipping is 405 AUD



Before that The cost was say 200 and you could apply a 10% discount code to that.
But the shipping would be stuck at 30 euro+
Now Your discount code Cuts the shipping price down, So It’s about the same

BUT! I’m 85% sure Enertion is going to use cheaper shipping services.


Support says they will only be using express.

Also support has talked shit before so who actually knows what will happen.


is it really that hard to offer a choice between express and snail mail?
some people need it soon but others don’t. paying for express post only to have it sit on a bench for 2 months is a waste of money. money that could be spent on other parts… or tinnies!



Fixed that for you


I wonder if they discussed this while in China and swapped stuff with cheaper parts to make up for shipping “free”


Shipping isn’t free, it’s in the cost increase. It’s still not listed at “retail” but it’s gone up from $345AUD to $407AUD and bulk price has been removed unless buying 100 units+


I was going to buy one anyways so I have no misgivings about getting one in that 4 day initial period. The initial $10 bump to the price on bulk units the first day was a minor slap to the face. The shipping however I think was just an oversight from them not remembering they can pack units together for large orders. They probably forgot to check the calculated price on a large order before the sale went live. Either way, money talks and I wanted one, so I got one :slightly_smiling_face:


Seriously ? What the actual fuck ? @onloop tells us to live with the high cost of shipping. So some of us did and now it’s free shipping and we already paid !!!
Will you refund the previously paid shipping fees ? Might as well cancel my order and place a new one !
I hate these tactics, so it’s the first that ordered that pays the most…


Chill, they increased the price and had free shipping. The final price is actually about 10 dollars more than the initial price + shipping on the first day of the launch :kissing:


What @Linny said haha. it came to a total (with shipping) of 395 AUD when i ordered and now it’s 407 AUD. Early birds saved 12 AUD it seems. Fucked up thing was that Jason specifically said on his youtube live chat that he will never offer free shipping on the unity - really speaks volumes as to Enertion’s credibility :joy:


It’s like Jason learnt marketing 101 from the 90’s clickbait ads


Actually he is extremely good at marketing. Selling us a few unities is just a nice side effect from making them for the raptors. Also he can get some valuable feedback from power users here.

The marketing genious is that we create content and traffic for him like crazy each day without him moving a muscle. This forum is an enormous google ranking and traffic machine for him. The ads he places on the forum are worth a fortune.