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But pre orders raptor 2.1 I expected to ship 3nd of September and this November? Or is raptor 2.1 delayed?


I can give you a $487.67 discount code for that if you need?


thanks! but i got a discount code too, i think if you load their cart and wait a while a discount code is emailed.

anyway, got them on order…now we just wait.


For the Chinese New Year to start…


has there even been an write-up of the changes that were added from 4.1 to the present 6 versions? something readable for people who know only the basics of circuitry, and then we’d know what we were looking for. Id like to read a comparison of whats currently out there. how are flipsky and or maytech comparing to focbox and the 6 and the other lesser known versions that have shown up here on the forum? are fake bits a worry or can they be spotted with the right tools?


Wow this thing looks freaking cool.

I have a couple quick questions,

is there transient suppression on the switch nodes? (i.e. will the drv8301 blow up at fully charged 12s when running Field-Oriented Control) (and for that matter, high side node clamps?)

Are there filters on the phase voltage resistor dividers? (i.e. can I up the switching frequency on BLDC mode to 40kHz?)


Thanks for this pinout, can you give details on what all the connectors are, including the motor bullets? Ideally all mating connectors would be included in the kit.


Servo connector is 0.1" JST XH connector. All others are 2mm JST PH connectors.

Bullets are 3.5mm bullet connectors like current focbox and power in is an xt 60 connector.

Personally I recommend picking up some mt60’s which mate nicely with the phase lead bullet connectors and help prevent shorted phase leads. Would be great to include all the breakout connectors but not everyone needs them and you’ve seen how angry everyone gets over increased price :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the info, maybe its worth offering a connector pack? I would certainly pay $20 for a full set of connectors rather than spending hours and multiple orders trying to buy everything.

EDIT: I just looked at the MT60, they look great. Do you use an MT60 on both ends, or just either the VESC or MOTOR side?


Yeah, I agree on the connector pack option completely. Maybe we could offer some kind of add on purchase to throw in your cart and save time.

Typically I just use the one with male pins on the motor side, then stick it down with some double sided tape close to the Unity to ensure nothing pulls loose.


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These look super new, not even on Amass’s website. The flat form factor might be nice for some builds.


oh, yeah very nice. I’ll order some.


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