Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

FOCBox Unity Group Buy




got you down for unitys from @ksfacinelli, who’s offering up 20 units.

so anyone else give a shout here if you want to get in on this.


Just to confirm, I want 4 total. Just wanna make sure it’s all recorded properly. I know a few friends that want to build so I figure I’ll pick some up for them in advance now. If they end up not buying them just an excuse to make 2 more dual motor boards :laughing::laughing:


got ya, put you down for 4 from @ksfacinelli so you pay shipping once.




Since im on your pre order list and your late list does that mean i have two reserved?


do you want 2?

to answer your question, no. i think u submitted your name on the first list after JLabs put his order in.


All good. 1 is fine. If i was down for two i would make it work but i only need one.


Thank you sir much appreciated for helping us out
Cheers to @thisguyhere


I would like to be on a list, Inloves lists. But seriously, I would like 1 to try out


u now on d list


Long shot here but you guys think we should start a list to see how close or far we are from a 100 people for the group buy…?


Fairly unlikely A US group but was already held and anyone ride is signing up for the leftovers. It was hard to get 50 much less 100


Thats unfortunate


How much would it be now to get in on buying one?


Any update on an ETA?


Me as well. For two unit if possible.


What was the price per unit?


Any left? I thought I made the standby list, but don’t think that actually happened


I left a message the wrong person but would to get on this list as well


you’re already in line: