Buy FOCBOX Unity

FOCBOX Europe Group Hook-UP 18/18!


Just transferred a big pile of gold to your account!


Cheers man. They are on their way to me.


II’ll take one, Do you ship to uk?


Get in the second group buy thread, I’ll put you down for one on that buy.


Hey Group 1 - Check out what I just got today.

Just FYI - the power in cable are 12 awg with a 60XT connectors and the phase leads are 14awg and 4mm bullet connectors.


When you get these - be aware:


Cool thanks…

Looking forward to receive :slight_smile: Did you get the Canbus cable as well ?


They are on the way here. I’ll post photos when they arrive.


Canbus cables arrived - packing up your goods here stateside so I can send them out as soon as possible when I get back to Spain. We are making progress gentlemen.


Perfect, looking good. I have a Trampa waiting :stuck_out_tongue:


Any way to get a can bus at this late stage my man?


Nope sorry. It’s easy enough to make.


Saw you where asking for adresses in the Group buy 2 thread. Do you have all the adresses in here @monkey32 ?


Nice work sir!

Trampa vibessss! :upside_down:


Hola kids,
So I have been working on payment/addresses this past week. I am working my way backwards through my PayPal account. Have no fear though this group will be shipped first. I won’t be home for another week but if you all would please check that you have given me either through PM or as a note in your PayPal statement your forum name, real name and address it will help me organize my shipping. Cheers gents.


When are you going to ship out :slight_smile: ??


Update group 1- processing and packing…hopefully get these packed and shipped Sat. The Spanish post office is still running summer hours and I’m at work, which means I can only ship Sat.


Hola ladies and Gents,

So after running around getting addresses and such together I have found that there have been a few mistakes .As all of you have paid, and I want all of you to get your FOCBOX after this first initial shipping, I have made a spreadsheet with your Forum name, last names, country of destination, Order, and a tracking number -

Please double check that your forum name aligns with where I am sending these.
If you see a problem, or you are moving, get in touch with me via PM.
If all looks good send a short message of confirmation in this thread.

I know I said I wanted to get these out today but I am going to wait until Monday to be on the safe side.

Thanks gents


Looks good from my side. Thanks for all the effort!


Looks good to me!