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Foc vesc beginner settings


I would like to be able to set this board up so that I could hand it to someone and not worry as much. What settings would you guys focus on?


Set it in BLDC not FOC. FOC is not that easy to setup and can permanently damage your vesc if not done right.


I would definitely second @Blasto. BLDC mode is much more simple to set up, and not mess up. To add to that, I would set the max amp from the battery and erpm settings pretty low…I’d worry about people crashing and being dumb in general, so I’d limit them pretty heavily. Basically create a “beginner” mode :slight_smile:


I have blown vescs, I know… I seem to have one that is working (knock on wood). I tried decreasing the brake setting to -6 from -12 and it didn’t really do much. I am scared to change settings in foc, and I am also scared to switch to bldc from foc, so this thing is staying foc… are there any settings I can play with?


Motor Max
Battery Max
erpm limit
maybe ramp

If you want to change to bldc just flash a new firmware on it and you are ready to go


Don’t really want to switch to bldc on this vesc, that’s why I got a 12s esc from diy, but I had to send it back because I couldn’t get the brakes to lighten up.


As long as it’s functioning in FOC right now, I wouldn’t switch it either. If all you’re doing is preparing it so someone who knows nothing can use it (which I honestly wouldn’t do unless I was standing there with them), I would turn down the Batt Max in the current Limits and maybe turn town the max ERPM limit so they can’t go as fast and then probably disable reverse if you have it. Give them braking, but not reverse :slight_smile: I just have a large distrust of everyone who doesn’t know what these boards can do.


I would really just like to lower acceleration and deceleration.


there’s two brake settings, battery Regen and motor min. try decreasing motor min for lighter brakes


I tried that, -6 now


you’re at -6 battery and motor Regen?


It is on whatever onloop recommended… my laptop is at work, can’t play with settings at home currently


-6 sounds like your battery Regen to me, especially if you changed it from -12a (max charge current of the space cell 3).

just double check your motor regen later. If they’re both low you should have pretty weak brakes.


I believe it is at -60


that would make sense. try using -40a if your brakes are too strong.


Should I put the other setting back to -12?


if you want the maximum regen. i have mine at max. it does affect braking somewhat as well so you wouldn’t want it to be at 0 but -6 should be fine.


How do I decelereate this thing now?


I’m not sure what you mean


Make it accelerate slower