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Flywheels Core Pulley


Yeah… look at the prices on taobao too. They are like less than $1 lol (probably haven’t looked for this particular bearing)


After switching to pullys with bearings im not going back. Pully alignment is spot on now. No more pully wobbles… ever.
Press fit with bearings is worth it.
Mine run 2 bearings.(besides the one in the wheels)


Here’s the listing on ebay. I can not find this bearing on aliexpress tho, hopes im not getting the fake ones.


Legit ones


Verify the ones u have now



Thanks, will try! :ok_hand:




Holy shit this looks amazing Haha


Hahah nice color huh :joy::ok_hand:


Gunmetal black is beautiful haha.


Really nice and has I sad I love the colour. If you pair it with dark grey or aluminiumtruck will give a great final look.