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Flywheels Core Pulley


You mean abec?


Yep or apparently the stupid clone wheels I have :grin:


:joy:, i don’t have it.


Right! Well probably with heat shrink is gonna work also on original core.


I want to buy the original abec, but i don’t like the green :sweat_smile:, but if i go with the black one, Then i’ll have another black :laughing: (boring) :yum:. Think about the red metroboard…hmmm


Otherwise buy a cheap clone with small spokes for testing. I got mine from diyeboard


The pulley Will use this japan bearing, NSK F608ZZ.


Nice, are those at the same level of the ones @Hummie uses for his hubs?


What the bearings? The company? NSK are one of the best but it’s very easy to buy fakes


Yes the bearings. I see the brand is the same. So that’s why my question.


So are these probably all fakes? https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20181001042422&SearchText=nsk+bearing


Yeah the brand is very good. And I am not doubting xtla is buying fakes. I’m just bringing up a problem that someone might not be aware of



Yeah I’d say so, there’s probably a good amount of legit sellers in Europe so I wouldn’t worry.


Actually i’m not sure if its genuine or not, it cost me like 4$/pcs, The quality looks good tho. Then how do we know if it’s genuine or not. The seller stated made in sweden :roll_eyes:


Ok here goes.

If it’s cheaper than the cost of what the legitimate bearings cost then it’s probably fake. I haven’t searched this bearing yet but I’m pretty sure NSK can check if your bearings are legit if you send them pictures.

But it probably doesn’t matter that much because you are prototyping


Will check about them, thank you for pointing this out! :ok_hand:


Also, NSK make their bearings in japan. And I’m not sure if they make it anywhere else


You could avoid needing bearings altogether if the insert was slightly longer, and used a retaining washer and three screws - a la APS’s pulley design. Food for thought.



Also core confusion

@JuniorPotato93 has covered this before


Yea, if look at the picture it shown japan, but the bearings shipping from china, for the cost they are higher then the aliexpress. I’m not sure why they stated made in sweden and im about to ask them. Hell yea :joy: