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Flywheels Core Pulley


I make this thread just to share my experiance making my own pulley.

I have this confusion when designing my own insert pulley. Typically when looking to buy a pulley, it will describe as abec core compatible or flywheels clone compatible. But there are several flywheels clone in the market, so you’ll need to see more details into their core, specially the thickness of their spokes.

I try to classify them into two, thin spokes and thick spokes.



After knowing the differences between the thin and the thick spokes, i need to decide which one to go. I only got the thick spokes wheels core for my reference, so i decide to go with that and with a thought in my mind that if i go with thin spokes type (wider collum insert) like abec, i can not use my pulley if i want to change my wheels to the thick spokes core (less width insert collum) like mbs. But the case are different if i go with less width of the insert collum, i still can use them in both core.

Anyone who have experience with changing pulley between thin and thick core, your input are very welcome :blush:


how do you plan to make your own pulleys? 3d print?


It’s aluminum and the production is done.


Great post, I confirm she clarified my doubts about it! I started designing my pulley without knowing that and I got the good fit for the thin spokes, so original Flywheels core to understand. Then got the 97mm from eskating and surprise thick core! So I adjusted the pulley based on thick one and I have tried with the other one. I can confirm that it works for both, so better to base on clone one, thick spoke to me. Only problem that if you based the model on the thicker spoke then you will have space left in the other, I think you can solve it by applying heat shrink on the spokes. Other option is to get perfect fit in height. In one of the model I printed last night I increased a bit that parameter and it has perfect fit with both.


So you did try them?:ok_hand: both type of core with same pulley?, can you share some pic of both wheels use same pulley if you have it :wink:, thanks A


I think carvon solved this by just supporting the clones and then for the spokes they put heat shrink on it to fill the gap and protect the wheel.


Fiuhh, hopefully my decision to go with thick spokes isn’t wrong :sweat_smile:


So first pulley is tight for clone ABEC core but to much gap for the original core. You can either put heat shrink and maybe even better since the original flywheels has softer plastic core and you will damage it with the alu spokes.

Second pulley made to host M4 screws I increased a bit the diameter and that is the key point. Really tight and difficult to remove in both of the core models.

Pulley thought for Alu (too small for Original ABEC core). Outer diameter in the picture.

The other with the measurements that you need to get tight fit. Then downscale from it if you want more gap.


Like always, great explaination A, since we talk about this before, i went back to my design to make sure everything :sweat_smile:, thanks for sharing the pics, will do more research about that. :ok_hand:


Thank you for pointing it out! I would have gone through CNC before realise that!


Made the new model, I can confirm that with the measured above now I have tight fit with both of the cores.


Nice to have a 3d printer :sweat_smile: (makes me want one). I’ll visit the manufacture today, will update how my pulley goes.


Ah I thought you have it too since you made tm your enclosure like that. Yes 3D print is a must. I am truly appassionate about it. Esk8 is just t one of the thing I use it for. It came before Esk8 actually. I’m this vase is perfect to run some dirty print, fast just to test model. I have a box full all the tested parts. On model everything works but then you need to test it to be sure. Now there are really nice medium se 3D printer for the price of two Esk8 motors so no reason to don’t but it.
Thank you for the contact with the factory, really appreciate it. Brings wheels with you so you can test the pulley :grin:


Are you going to sell these pullies? If so I’m interested, unfortunately I see you are in the other side of the world for me so shipping might be expensive


Any chance to do a Kegel style pulley as well? Afaik we have a ton of options for Abec hubs already …


Ya shipping will be costly, last time i check its about 30$ or so. This was 32T and i’m planning to make the 36 as well after fit testing. If you have no problem with shipping i could make some in near future.


I don’t have kagel style at the momment, but i’m planning to get one, either boa or popca.


I’d like some 36t for clones in the U.K. if you get into production…


I’m at the factory rite now, we are testing them with trampa & clone wheels.


Looks good did you try them with original core too?