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Flywheel 48 tooth wheel pulley download CAD, and STL


@Deckoz dope, thanks for the info. I’m just hoping these things don’t bend like my MBS ATS trucks do


Working on some motor mounts for the surf rods 200mm RKP trucks, made for 2 sk3 6374 motors. Heres some CAD porn. If anyone might be interested say something cause I could make a few extra or provide all files when its done. Next step is to 3d print everything and verify that all the sizing is correct (less then a mm between motors, and between the wheel pulleys and mounts)


@Deckoz I’m going to design a new motor pulley this winter break, do you have any preferences for one? For my mount above I need it to fit closer to the flywheels, and I’m using 192kv motors so I want to use a different gear ratio. Would like to make it be a helpful printable pulley for more people’s builds. What amount of teeth would you be interested in? (I’m thinking somewhere between 41-46)


Woah. Dude where did you get the surfrodz 200mmfile? Share? I just measured the end of mine and didnt model the whole truck lol.

43tooth is a good one.


I contacted them twice about getting the files for it… no reply lol. I drew it up yesterday, the angles at the end of the hanger, and dimensions are exact, but the curves on the top are just eyeballed. What format do you want the file in? I’ll get started on a 43mm pulley :slight_smile:


Hahaha I contacted them a bunch to and Nada. Lol so ive just been doing this

Do you use fusion360?


Your edge profile is more exact then mine lol, could probably combine the two. No I use Rhino 3d


Heres a link to my 43 tooth 9mm wide wheel pulley and a 36 tooth 12mm wide wheel pulley. The 36 was designed for evolve supercarve trucks. The 43 tooth was designed for my surf rods trucks. lemme know if you want me to customize them for you. Both use an integrated bearing.


@Deckoz Finally finished my mounts and pulleys (43 goth that’s posted above) :slight_smile:. Just have some last minute fileing to do to get rid of the fillets. Three 1/4 inch thick support bars and skid plates, and the mounts are 1/2 inch thick 6061. Built in holes for some nice idlers for belt tension. Fits 2 6374 Sk3’s with 9mm belts no problem, and if I get aftermarket 80mm axles then I can do 12 or 15mm belts.


Dude… Wtf! That’s awesome


This mount is cool.

Did you get this on a board, how did it go?


u wouldnt happen to make these mounts to sell would you?


@lrdesigns They actually turned out very good! got about 300 miles on them so far this summer and everything holding up alright. The only thing I would of changed is to angle the motors up more so they scrape less, but even then the mounts are keeping my motors safe and aren’t falling apart. Heres what they look like now after those miles!

@Holyman92 I don’t sell them at the moment, but I might in the near future.