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Flex sensor insead of potentiometer for throttle


so i have this flex sensor laying around and was wondering if i could swap it out for the thottle potentiometer of my gt2b remote to make something like a glove remote. does anyone know if thats possible as the flex sensor only has 2 leads whereas the poti has 3 .


just looking at the specs it seems to be up in the K ohms (9K~22K)
whats the pot in the GT2B rated? I thought it was around 10K full deflection from memory?
there is definitely a way this can be done but It might require a bit more electronics than just a simple swap.


I have actually drafted a glove that uses this, arduino, and NRF to communicate with the VESC. It’s never left the drawing board because my money is on other projects. Get in touch and I can share with you how to build it.