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Fishpaper and cell level fusing, USE IT!


Just a question, but what adhesive is used to hold the fishpaper, busbars, and the whole pack together?


To hold cells together you can use hot glue or better electrical silicone.
Fishpaper comes with adhesive.


Well only if you buy the version that is adhesive backed, there is regular without adhesive but that is a pain in the but.


I’m pretty sure I don’t want to get into this discussion about BMS and cell fusing together. :dizzy_face:

If I was going to cell level fuse I would have the fused sized to only blow in a short circuit situation to prevent thermal runaway but not to prevent thermal runaway from heavy amp draw, that issue should be solved with good pack design and safe Vesc amp limits.

And cell fuses or not I would not trust a regular BMS to keep my pack in good condition. That’s just blind faith. :fire: I would only use a BMS if it monitored P group voltage sag or I was monitoring them with another method so I could see when one of the P groups lost capacity or was acting weird.


I decided against cell level fusing after the above discussion. At the time based on my limited reading I considered it the gold standard of battery building. I weighed up the stated benefits of cell level fusing against the risks set out by @TowerCrisis and figured it wouldn’t make sense for my situation for the following reasons

  • considerable extra effort to do cell level fusing
  • planned build is 10s3p… the risk of a bad cell ruining an “entire” p group is not such a big deal if we’re only talking about 3 30qs
  • my bms is from aliexpress and took over a month to be delivered, blowing it would be a total PITA


@TowerCrisis Cell level fusing is to prevent catastrophic damage from a resulting fire. Not to prevent damage to components.

Say your board has been run over by a car, cell fusing will help prevent a fire should the pack become damaged. Or lets say the box you shipped your board in becomes crushed, the cell fusing will help prevent catastrophe and possible loss of life.

I haven’t gone through this whole thread since I have been back but I don’t think it is a great idea to dissuade people from this method of construction if they have the desire to and means to do it. I know I sleep better at night knowing my packs are fused at the cell.


Why not have multiple fail safes?

Literally thousands and thousands of people use a BMS to keep their packs in good shape, and for 99% of them it works. Why would you encourage people to NOT use a BMS?

This post really confuses me…


I was not saying to not use a bms, I just personally want to monitor the cells, either with a Bluetooth bms or some other additional method.

Your right they do work.

Might just be habit, paranoia, science or curiosity not sure.

I want to know if a p group is under performing ASAP, which is hard to tell with a regular bms until the p group is pretty far gone.


Good, that’s not what I understood from your message above. Just wanted to be clear, didnt want a bunch or people running around sans-BMS and starting an Esk8 apocalypse :slight_smile:.


Lol :sweat_smile: