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First Look at TorqueBoards Direct Drive Motor


Update: Sorry guys, bad news. Manufacturers actually ended up making 35D instead of 50D Baseplates. :cry: For most decks, 35D would cause wheelbite so they’ll have to create new ones.

Most of everything should arrive soon so we’ll pretty much only be waiting for the 50D Baseplates + 110 Wheels.

So ETA should be around March unfortunately.


How did they mess up by 15 degrees :man_facepalming:

Sorry if it’s already been covered, but if I were to machine trampa trucks, do you think I could fit these on them? What’s the diameter of the truck that it is installed on?


Are you gonna keep the 35° as an option?
Great for drop decks. Im running 50/35 on my hummie deck now.


@sn4pz Yeah pretty silly mistake lol. Funny thing is we were only making 50x 35D Baseplates as an optional upgrade. :man_facepalming: I’m sure there not happy about it either.

You could… I forget the square size for the Trampa Trucks. I’d imagine though the axle length is much longer so not sure it would fit entirely to be honest. Our axle length is standard axle length. Might be more work than necessary.

@Skunk Yeah, we’ll have them for those who want them.


I’ve got extra mini hangers, just figured I would ask :stuck_out_tongue:


With those 35 degree base plates and some slight wedging you could get these on a mountain board… just sayin


Sorry to hear about the manufacturing error. It is disappointing, but It’s good to hear everything else is pretty much ready and you’ve got time to finish up the wheels. I just ordered my DD kit and probably wouldn’t have known of a delay otherwise. My naked Moonshine deck will have to lie in anticipation till March. Thanks for the update TB.



So I could use some Boas until the 110s arrive, right? they fit your directdrive kegel adapters?




Would like to pre-order this weekend! Personally ride very aggressive and appreciate (rely on) precision of trucks. Mostly enjoy carving and taking quick sharp turns fast as I can.

Question before pulling the trigger: @torqueboards

  1. Will these trucks be suitable for fast carving/turning?
  2. Can I get away using 85mm Kegel’s?
  3. What’s the approximate top speed for 75kv with 10s4p? (85mm wheels)
  4. Safe/reliable for a 10s4p li-ion battery?

Please let me know, these look badass :smiling_imp:


Try the calculator


Appreciate the link. Keep getting 18mph, clearly input something incorrectly


I would let you know that. White boas are back ordered since black Friday. And I’m still waiting.


The motor diameter is 70mm, so 85mm wheels will fit, but you won’t have much clearance between the ground and the motors. Then again, that’s always the case with small wheels, so decide for yourself. With my Caguama belt setup, I have around 12.5mm clearance between the ground and the belts, which seems to be fine. The motors and motor mounds will get scratched by pebbles either way.

In your case though, a 15mm difference in diameter will mean 7.5mm clearance between the motor and ground. I believe that’s small enough where your motor will be constantly pushing small pebbles and debris out of the way. Unless you live somewhere with superb quality roads, I would go for bigger wheels / a different drive train. (Still waiting for to come online :fist: )

I get 24.2 mph (39kmh) in the calculator with your specs. Perhaps you forgot to change gear ratio to 1:1 ?


Great points to consider. Thanks for your input, looks like i’m going to be upgrading to a 12s very shortly. I live in Orange County, luckily we have quite superb roads to skate on, but maybe 90mm to be safe.


Afaik they don’t plan to sell drive kits. Not 100% sure.



  1. Yes, should be great for fast carving/tuning. We are also using all riptide bushings.
  2. 85mm would fit but I wouldn’t use it. The motors would be way too low to the ground. 90, 97, 100, 107, 110 would all be better options.
  3. 12S on 75KV is about 35mph. 10S would be a bit under that.
  4. Yes, I’d use 10S/12S ideally.


Are you using RipTide pivots as well?


Yup :smile:


Got much range testing out of these? Calculator says about 21km for a 12s4p setup. That about right?