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First Build | Parts List | 36" Deck | Single SK3 6374 190 KV | 12s2P | Any Thoughts


Hey Everyone, this is my first build parts list. I’ve been doing alot of research for the past few weeks so this is what I have come up with. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Deck: 36" x 9.5" Downhill Deck - $44
Trucks: Caliber 2 Trucks 50°/Bearings - $50
Wheels: Flywheel Clones 90/83 - $27
Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3-6374-192kv motor - $86
Motor Mount: Turnigy Motor Mount - $10
Pulley System: Complete 16T motor/36T wheel pulley - $40
VESC: Torque VESC BLDC - $102
Battery: 12s2p 18650 Battery 30Q - $330
Remote: Nano 2.4 Ghz Remote -$60

Total Cost: ~$754

I’m still not sure whether I should use the 83 or 90 flywheels.


Personally id go 90mm. And try and get real abecs but clones are okay if you really need to save the $60 difference.


Get mounts from @Boardnamics. Much better quality but for a very reasonable price


Maybe you can go for the Flipsky 4.12 vesc, I don’t know if it is better then the torqueboards one but I have heard some stories about it, correct me if im wrong
the flipsky one can be picked up on ebay or aliexpress for around 45$


Aye thanks, they look pretty good and they are cheap too :+1:


I would trust the tb one more at 12s and tb also has better customer service.


Flipsky has 1 yr warranty tho, tb doesn’t


Didn’t know that about flipsky


i looked up flipsky vecs it says it recommends a 10s battery, will there be any problems if i run it with the 12s?


My bad it might not actually cover drv errors, this particular one is 6 months but the one I bought was for 12



. There’s a few flipsky review threads. I’d give them a read before buying.


Yes and the con of Flipsky is that the company only excists for a short time and tb is already longer on the market


Just get the reputable TB vesc. Anything happens, you can always contact Dexter.
And go with @Boardnamics mount.
You can save 40 bucks by getting mini remote


Where can i find the mini remote?


Ebay, Amazon


same place you get the vesc, Torqueboards. All covered then by the back up.