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First build: loaded Icarus, dual 6355, Samsung 30Q, focbox, nano-X, TB 218mm and ABEC11


Hey @BigBrit

Hey man. So I wanted to catch up with you now that you’ve had your deck built a while.

On my vanguard I milled the cables, and after a while the board broke in, and the flex was performing like a higher flex.

Anyway have you noticed the Icarus getting more flexy over time? I’m debating not milling wires into the deck, and using flat cables like boosted v1 under some loaded pushin cushion with an Icarus regrip kit on top the pushin cushion.


Hey man, should check in on your build. Havent been around on here much.

I have about 100 miles on mine now and so far it feels the same. I think the fibreglass in this board is really strong and it will be fine, saying that 100 miles isn’t too much.

I thought about getting the poron for my board but decided against. I will tell you what though this deck makes an AMAZING eboard - you are gonna love it mate


Well @Deckoz coming back to this I can tell you that the board has not changed properties in well over 500 miles. I say 500 because I gave up counting and it could be as much as 700 now.

Im now running Orangatang Caguamas which are really nice and go with the board so well

I am making some changes to the board soon, including some 3d printed goodies. Currently the board is on the bench with a poorly motor.

you can see a small update about it, and a sneak peak at my next eboard project in this video.


How are the caguamas in comparison with flywheels?
EDIT: I can’t watch the video atm in case you mentioned it.


Hey bro no worries.

My main take away is they both dampen the ride in different ways. The ABEC’s are a very bouncy wheel which works very well and it was my favourite wheel until I tried the caguamas. The Cags are more of a deadening type wheel, they take shock and absorb it and I think that makes them feel more accurate when you ride. I think the Cags are actually softer than the ABEC’s despite having a harder Duro rating. If Otang make those in a 97mm they will probably be the perfect wheel for me.


Thats the answer i was looking for, thanks.