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First Build - "Foosted" need help


Thanks a lot ! Is that firefly remote still selling ? It looks dope.


If you ask around you can get someone to make one for you.

I may have a kit i need gone with all the parts for it.


@pjotr47 and @Acido and @OskarCastrone make them


I make all my packs custom made. So I can build everything you want. Check out Electricpacks


It’s a diy remote. If you are willing to get all the parts and stuff, it is really fun! You do need a soldering iron and stuff like that, but they’re not really expensive. The most expensive parts are the 3d printed parts, but I’m sure there are places online where you can get the prints. Just ask on the forum!


The Flipsky 6.6 (dual and single) is good, and their 4.12 is ok too. Just that 4.20 dual has issues.


Do you guys know where I could get Vanguard enclosures for ~50$ ESC and Battery ?
I’ve seen eboosted’s but 150$ shipped is a huge hole in my budget I can’t afford that given the cost of all the parts.


Thoses are really nice, not exactly the same as the boosted ones but looks great too


My bad, I own those but @pjotr47 told me that won’t fit a 10s4p battery which I eventually want in my board.
He suggested a 10s2p Sanyo but will that work with “only” 30A max discharge or will I get a ton of sag ?


My two’s 8S 4.5 45C Hobbyking batteries mounted in serie fit in thoses, so 202A Max !

8S is enough for me but maybe you can buy 2 5S batteries if you didn’t already buy them.
Hobbyking have some 5S 8A pack so you could have a great 30Km range without problems !


I’m more incline to go Li-ion rather than lipo though. Can you put a charging port for lipos ?


With a Bms yes, I guess that it work like a Li-ion ?


Hey guys I’m looking for some copper flat wires to avoid having to drill channel for the wires.
Not so sure about what to get though.
I’m from UE so Ebay is fine, not so much.

I found this not sure if it would meet the requirements for the current that would go through those cables:

Then I’d put electrical tape on top and a brand new grip tape :slight_smile:


I made a build tutorial of my Foosted… Check it out if you want to!


That’s so cool dude thank you !


Along with a good set of allen wrenches, my ceramic tweezers has been a godsend. I suppose needle-nose pliers works as well. It’s been super useful but it pertains to doing electronic components stuff. Correct sizes for wire strippers too. So if you’re not doing a lot of soldering and such, it doesn’t matter too much.

If you haven’t already gotten a vesc, FocBoxes are for sale again. Pretty damn cheap too, I dunno if there is a limited supply or what though.

I don’t know if you’re still decided on making your own battery pack or not but like people said before, you should consider mistakes and the learning process in your equation. I know the boss spot welder is pretty sweet. It does a good job and it is very small compared to the traditional spot welders you can buy. Even though it is about ~$100 (I know you use euros), the price for the correct li-po wasn’t part of my initial price assessment and added about $50 more to the price. You can’t get an underpowered lipo but I would have still opted for this spot welder. It’s fantastic.


Thanks man <3

@KranzeKake how long the copper wires need to be ?
I have 2 retail solution one is 33cm for 4€ the other is 10m for 60€. Can i save a little buck on this ?


Hair dryer won’t work for shrinking a heat shrink. A lighter will though. You don’t really need a heat gun though it’s a nice to have.

Get some 60/40 leaded solder. It’s much easier to work with than unleaded.


Well it depends on the length of your board


Well I’m using the same as your build. How long were your copper cables ?