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First build/Cheap ESC/Questions



Hello everyone!

I decided to make an electric skateboard! I watched some video’s on youtube ordered some materials already. Here is a quick list of what I have:

-Battery: 2 Zippy 6s 5000mAh 25c
-Motor: 400kv 1820 watt ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/171981608183?rmvSB=true )
-ESC: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/80A-ESC-Come-With-5A-BEC-For-Brushless-Motor-RC-Model-Part-Toy-Plane-Part-5pcs/1078751147.html (I know it’s very cheap, but I tested it and it seems to work fine)
-Motor pulley: 15t
-Wheel pulley: 25t
-Longboard with 65mm wheels

Is that a good setup? Also, what would be better: choosing to put 1 battery in at a time, or putting the 2 lipo’s in parallel? (I read that it might be dangerous for the battery, is that true?)
I also need to make a motor mount. Since I don’t have much money left, I want something cheap… I saw here on the forum that it is possible with metal L brackets :slight_smile: I was also thinking: would it be possible to make it out of wood? Or would it be too weak?

Thanks a lot!


400kv is too high, especially for your 15:25 ratio


Try this calculator.


I know it’s high, but I already bought it :confused: (GreatScott’s video linked it)
Would it be better with another gear ratio?


i would suggest at least 1:2, probably closer to 1:3


Thanks! I will take a look :slight_smile: would 40t be okay?


40t wheel pulley on a 65mm wheel will probably be around the same size as the wheel itself.
Propably the best bet would be something like 13-32 or 14-34 thereabouts.

Too little clearance between the wheel pulley and the ground runs a higher risk of damaging the belt/pulley.


Just out of interest: what would happen if I use a 15:25 ratio? Would my belt snap? Would I go slow?


It would have very bad acceleration and torque. Once you got going though it would have a high top speed.

It would also pull a lot of current when accelerating


You’d most likely end up burning up either the motor or the ESC, or both if you’re unlucky.
With a low gearing ratio the motor will have to draw a lot of current to get you moving.


Okay, thanks!
Any answers to my other questions? :wink:


Put both batteries in parallel to reduce the overall stress on them.
The L-brackets might work, have personally not seen it, so can’t say about the durability.
Don’t think wood will be string enough in the long run.


Do not make a mount of wood, it will snap in half the moment u give it throttle. You also need to think about how u will smooth the throttle… u will be thrown off if there is no throttle smoothing. I would suggest the wiiceiver… I also based my first build off of great Scott. Everything he used was junk and I ended up spending more money than if I had just bought the right stuff from the beginning… False economy, anyway good luck!


Thanks a lot everybody!
I will start my build soon, after my exams :wink:


Esc has no brake.


It has four brake modes according to description. Off/soft/medium/hard


It is a plane ESC so it will have breaks but they wont be the best.