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First build | Blank Deck | Caliber II | Ollinboards 200 kv | DIY Mount | 10S | VESC | orangatang kegel


Wanted some advice from more experienced builders before I order parts for my first board.

Deck: 36" blank bamboo drop through
Trucks: caliber ii
Wheels: orangatang kegel 80 mm
Bearings: bones reds
Motor: ollinboards 200kv
Mount: DIY motor mount
Gears: DIY 16/36
ESC: DIY vesc
Transmitter: nyko nunchuck plugged into vesc
Battery: 2x 5s wired to 10s (https://www.commonsenserc.com/product_info.php?products_id=101)
Charger: need help here. Not sure I want to buy a 10s charger (too expensive)

Does this look like a solid build? Is an sk3 recommend over the ollinboards? Do those batteries look like a good choice (they are on sale and a very good deal)


do a 6s and charge in parallel- otherwise looks like a good build


What is your thought on sk3 vs ollinboards?


@jespers101 could you pls rename your thread according to the instructions below?


I have had nothing but trouble with the nyko Kama. Just get a tb mini remote and be done with it


I second the TB mini from @torqueboards, also I’d recommend the Imax b6ac v2 with a paralell charging board.


hello JLabs I’m new to this and I know my question has nothing to do with this topic but I was wondering if you could send a email to liionwholesale to see if I could get wholesale price ?


Unfortunately I cannot, they said people had 2 weeks after I sent them the email to get the wholesale price… it has been well over a month… sorry, u can all ways purchase them at regular price


Ok thank you I’ll try that