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Fetts Vet , (first build) 12s4p(lol) - 6374x2 - 170kv - surfrodz - hummie deck - blah blah blah


Faster… must go faster


wow 41.8kcal burned in 4:32 :ok_hand:


Im so board at 32mph im doing jazzercise on the board to keep busy.


32 is faster than some speed limits around my area.


Pretty much everywhere in town in 30pmh and below.
People here are really shocked to see me flying.


I heard you already have a fan base of 9year olds… :sweat_smile:


Congrats on getting your first built up and running. So much nicer than a Riptide huh.


Riptide feels like a toy now. (I know it’s not @b264)
Feels ashame to have all those nice parts on there now…
SR tkp trucks, tiller mounts, 97mm abec, jlabs pullys…


Swap deck and then you’ve got another sick board.

I hear these decks are are real nice:


Im not crazy about it. Just flat…
I don’t hate it. Its not bad.
My foot travels off the nose.
Tossed a foot stop on there but i wouldn’t mind a few more inches (yep…)


Can’t wait to see this beast.


I’m home packing the next three days.


To move into your bigger place?


That’s next week. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Same build opposite side.
Soooo down three stories, up three stories lol fml
This week i pack.


Ugh that sucks ballz. I’m sure it will be nice to have more space though!



That guy was at the last MC Chris show i went to.


Well done on the build…
You had some shit to sort out…lol
Good job mate…enjoy :sunglasses:


Still do lol. But its a blast.
Have some plans…
Wanna go faster , faster faster


Who doesnt want to go faster
My first build was fast i thought, but now ot feels slow starting my second build now

Keep up the amazing work looks amazing