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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote



I’ll jump on this ship.
Couple of Australian testers are definently required. I do 30-50km a day so can help out :joy::joy::joy:


It makes sense, one of the harshest environments in the world :stuck_out_tongue:


And It’s coming into summer so we don’t need to worry about the weather!!


Is the the estimated price or beta-tester pricing?

really excited for this project


Nice work @StefanMe

Would you consider releasing only the case files? I think most of the firefly components would fit, already have all of them, but didn’t found the ergonomics to be perfect (too long)


@totalgeek9224 Yes this will be the price for the betas. The later version will be a bit more expensive.

@Pedrodemio yes I can do this… but at the moment I don’t have a nice solutions for the ONOFF switch, so there is a little hole on the back. I ll upload them tonight.

@moone @Friskies that sounds awesome! At the end of the week I ll decide how many beta testers I ll run. maybe there will be two slots for Australia


Really nice! So good to see all these remotes being worked on.

If you have haptic for low voltage, can you add for high voltage? It’ll be good for those with charge only bms.


I believe the haptic for low volts if in regards to the remote, not the board


what I mean is, if you’re at pack max and you brake, it would be great if it vibrates to let you know you’re overcharging.


This will really be a next step for remotes.
Personally, I like the idea with bearings. Holding something that works smooth is pretty a part of the whole experience.


cruise control is a great feature i’ve been looking for! :slight_smile:

the beginner/intermediate/expert mode is also something i really liked from my chinese board, but havent found any VESC compatible remotes that do this

great job!
Cant wait to follow along on the progress :slight_smile:


@deucesdown Ok, i ll think about this in the next steps… :slight_smile:

@MrCheatak jeah! Thats what i want. A super smooth stable remote that works all the time and makes my life easyer!

@murdomeek should be a very easy function to include… this feature will also be avaible for betas.

Unfortunitly is lost a bit of code from the last days. I screwed up something by handling the data… :frowning: But its not that bad. I ll give u an update later in the evening!

Thanks guys! U keeping me motivated!!


Hi did you mention anything about releasing the design files? For the case? I would like to use the step file.


Sorry not at the moment… i still got no good place for the ON/OFF switch. I tried to use the DEEP SLEEP mode of the Feather, but it still draws to much current. I think a ON/OFF swtich is needed.

I ll get some switches later this week and then i will release the STLs.


With all those SMART things, BT, cruise control, vibrations and maybe a little display it’ll have almost as much brains as an ESC :joy:


Thanks,any chance for the .step file as well? I don’t want to 3D print all of it


Time for updates!

I got a little setback yesterday, because I lost o lot of data, but I could recode everything…

  • ESTOP feature improved / I got some new feature in this function. (Board slows down until -25% throttle until the board stops, tested on full speed… works just great!)

    • added a setup possibility to adjust this feature in three different stages. U can choose between SLOW, HARD and OFF. Nice for people who don’t wanna use this function or make it more strong.
    • RECOVER from eStop is simplified! Before u had to switch on and off the board. Now you just can recover by bring back a stable connection for 1 Second and the board can (I count the transmissions within one second and jump into normal mode if a certain amount of transmissions are done in this second!). This is perfect if u just leave u board somewhere outside and went in for a coffee or something. Go out of the shop, grab your board and the board run as before!
    • added a little shield icon to the main screen to always knows that the ESTOP mode is working and the board is safely connected
  • Center Death Zone added

    • I added a adjustable area where the trigger will be ignored in the center. Can be adjusted in the settings menu as well
  • Riding modes

    • I implemented a simple “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Pro” mode where the remote calculates independent trigger to throttle output mappings. Means in “beginner” mode u can use the HOLE throttle movement but max trigger will only be converted in an 75%isch throttle… on “Pro” mode it will use a 100% throttle output as normal
  • Improved encryption key handling… now it works super smooth to pair a new board! Even switching between different boards is easy as f&&k. Its the first option in the settings menu.

  • I changed the trigger to an bigger tactile switch, gives it a nice clicky and stronger feedback!

  • still waiting for new ON/OFF switches. I think I got a nice solution for this. Direct solders to the PCB.

  • I ll order some new PCBs with slightly improvements… the old ones are still very good! I will start some builds if my Feathers are arriving. Should be within the next days!

And sorry for my excellent englisch :sweat_smile: I try my best!

BOOOOYSCH i am exited!


I think there are a ton of us equally excited! Really great to see this component of esk8 finally catching up to the technical advancements around it.


Just a fast picture to see how small this thing is! don’t take a look on my broken display… the display shows just every second line verticaly… :sweat_smile: Looks awesome in black/sand…


Looks Promising!