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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



Its not the post office. Its at customs. Different place far away for me and a lot of paper work.

Doesn’t matter for u. u ll get the replacement with the second batch soon. I ll give an update on sunday. Just have to assemble all the remotes.


Awesome ! Thanks for the update.


Pretty awesome! Look forward to getting it y’all!


Looks lit xD
How do you call these exact foot clamps? :sweat_smile:

Today got those Adafruit dev modules and will program them but damn including shipping and taxes they are pricey, have to help Stefan with the development of that universal standalone PCB so it will be much cheaper for everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re the Roger Bros. Standard footstop


It’s a great piece of Footstop. I can even slip a bit of my shoe sole under for more grip in the back. No more rear leg bouncing around at 25mph because of cracks.


Someone knows where do I get the code for the remotes?
In manual it’s called remote.ide but I cannot find it anywhere…
On Github there are only libraries.


There was a unused line in the code saying “by stefanme” so I used it xD


does it work!? i love it! also, where’d u get the code?


What do you mean exactly?
I just connected display to the module, don’t have all the parts yet.
For the code you have to PM Stefan


oh. i thought u finished it! ha!


I don’t even remember if I signed up but I know I want to be :man_facepalming:


Phew, who needs PCB…

… just kiddin, PCBs are on the way, I was just bored :laughing:

PS Signal solder joints are crap on purpose, so there won’t be too much of work with removing these.

Please don’t follow this :sweat_smile:


This is my perfect remote, I’m down for 2 on the next run @StefanMe, they look amazing :heart_eyes:


why don’t u just get two receivers instead.


The remote can store the pairing key for hundreds of receivers/boards


Yep I understand that, I’m building 2 boards, one for me and one for my son :slight_smile:


In the settings it goes from #0 to #9 so 10 in total, still enough and if you would really need you could just modify the code.


10 builds… 1 remote… homeless…


Is there any shot of getting one of these before June? I would really love to make this the remote on my board :slight_smile:

@StefanMe plz :rofl: