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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



what do u mean?


I would like to be put on the waiting list for the next batch, smart remote pretty pleasssse. Thanks!


OK no files, can you please just sell the PCBs?
I ordered all the parts already and waiting only for the PCBs :frowning:


Looking good @StefanMe!


What are those ! :grinning:


FeatherReceiver Basic + one Advanced modular unit


why do u have three!!!


It’s two + one advanced module. You need the basic module otherwise the advanced module won’t work. He sent me these because the original I ordered was basically DOA


Nice ! , I’m still waiting for my remote to come back from Stefan. Looking forward to trying out the led control feature


Same haha my LEDs also didn’t work to begin with

Edit: phew


Anyone heard from @StefanMe ? Been trying to reach him.


he is back in Town, he should reach out to you shortly


Yeah I spoke to him two days ago. Im sure he’s just been busy. Anything in particular you need?


he’s really busy i think. He’s trying to finish the remotes by this weekend and he also has a job outside of this.


Yeah totally get we all have jobs. I was just looking for an update on my replacement remote from the first batch.


Ah I see, Unfortunately I can’t help you with that. I can assure you that it’s not forgotten, but yeah just gotta wait until he comes back online to get an update


oh, he said he was finishing it this weekend. ppl who make purchases should probs ask for a phone number or something. (i made a purchase btw :wink:)


Ya that’s probably a good idea. My original remote has been at the post office waiting to be picked up for almost 2 weeks, my fear was they would return to sender at some point. It wasn’t cheap to send back.


Just wanted to say Stefan has been super helpful with the remote though.


oh. he was gone for a while. he may have forgotten about it. plus dif time zones makes it 100 times harder.

edit: nvm he’s here!