Buy FOCBOX Unity

FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



yes u can just order a different color if u pay for it,


Should I keep a slot for u?


lemme ask my parents, i’ll bet they’ll say yes but idk, i don’t wanna hold ur orders back.


Yes I confirm. Its 160Euro + 18Euro shipping and optional 15Euro for a special color.


One jumped out. So one more for
Sale guys. Just PM me if u want one.


payed. :sunglasses:


Guys this is an amazing remote and receiver combo. Tons of features and awesome support from @StefanMe! It even accidentally helped me diagnose an issue I had with my board’s batteries :sweat_smile:

Too bad you missed it @Winfly


OOoooooh, how did this happen?


Woooow ok. @StefanMe pls put me next on the list for next batch.


I was hitting 0% battery throttling for some reason even though I was at at least half battery, and the remote was giving me battery warnings. Turns out one of my p groups was dying extremely fast and ended up dead at 0v. Wouldn’t have known without the remote warning me with vibration


When is the next batch @StefanMe?


@ElectricCoast I think thats it for now. Ill create a few batches in the future only 5 every time and will give the shematics ect for free… then u can go for your own if u want.

I did a lot of debugging and bugfixing the last days, I can recommend everyone to make an update on your remote and receiver. Take a look into the manual for updates. If u need help give me a shout!


Any chance you would be willing to do a pre order?so that we know we will definitely be in the next batch.


oops. I didn’t check this thread for 10 days and another small batch was sold. rip.


Actually I want to open up my position, but Stefan seems to be busy until Friday and hasn’t replied yet.


@mishrasubhransu By open position do you mean you placed an order and no longer want it? I’d place an order in your stead if it’s available. :smiley:


idk who would wanna give up one of these bad boys. lol


Sorry guys am am out for training this week. I ll give u feedback on the weekend. Please be patient.


Hey Stefan, the update and everything when smooth, thanks a lot for your help
I think the telemetry is fixed, don’t know for sure yet, tomorrow ride to work and test.
What a nice surprise that I got, now is working the 2 motor temp sensors, awesome!!
I think I find one!!! :bug:
The MOSFET, vesc temperature is showing battery volts.

Awesome work you did it with this remote man!!
Mad props!!!



The MOSFET, vesc temperature is showing battery volts.

This is because I didn’t knew what’s reasonable to show on this page…

Middle: MOSFET-Temp
Bottom: MOTOR-Temp

On the unity its more clear…

Top: MOSFET-Temp left,
Middle: MOSFET-Temp right
Middle-bottom: MOTOR-Temp left
Bottom: MOTOR-Temp right

I maybe should choose new names for the pages. I think there is no chance to get the second motor temp on the over bus ESCs. On the unity the pages shoes nearly everything… maybe @sofu can make a picture when she has done the